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  • My name is Asher DeVos.

  • My name is Carl Schoonover.

  • My name is Christine Marie.

  • My name is Moses Sanga, numb from Uganda, New York City, Beirut.

  • I'm originally from Kansas, but now I live in work in Zurich, Switzerland.

  • I'm a molecular biologist who co founded a community biotechnology laboratory in Brooklyn.

  • I'm a political innovator.

  • I'm a video sculptor.

  • You make affordable, non invasive diagnostic technology.

  • I'm writing a book about mental illness and other animals and what that means about being human.

  • But if we're able to cure hundreds or even thousands of diseases, it would be really unbelievable.

  • If one person can do one thing that's good, it could set like a ripple effect, Ted, what it really is.

  • It's about curiosity and finding the people in the world who are the most curious about what's going on and giving them a platform to express their ideas in a way that we can then spread them to everybody else.

  • Ted Fellows program began when we looked around, we noticed that the audience was missing a bunch of people and we wanted to have young innovators, maverick scientists, NGO heads, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, artists, etcetera, to be there and to be part of the community, not just taking from the community but giving to the community s.

  • So what we do is a three day pre conference, which is a combination of getting to know each other better through activities.

  • We go out and do excursions and things, but also through intense skills building workshops.

  • So by the end of the three day pre conference, everyone knows each other really well and are bonded together very carefully, and therefore entering the insanity that is Ted is a little bit easier a brain guy.

  • And I'm interested in how the brain essentially filters out information that's coming in on extracts only the interesting stuff I make.

  • Large scale cinematic shadow theater with three D stereoscopic effects.

  • Theo.

  • Possibility of dining agricultural waste into an alternative source of pure made a lot of sense to me.

  • We actually have 1.7 million tonnes of agriculture waste.

  • So way decided to do something.

  • Usually if I go up to somebody and I say my work right now is trying to understand if other animals could be mentally ill and I think they can be oftentimes they lead with laughter.

  • But I love that.

  • When I was a kid, I had all these weird collections collected hot sauces from around the world, collected bugs in jars.

  • One day I was at the Natural History Museum, and I was looking at all these diagrams of deer that were basically presented as moralize objects for us.

  • I was thinking like it would be nice if I could memorialize my own life in some way.

  • So I've been capturing my friends at video for a long time, and then I video project them into different objects.

  • So I get this collection in the end of all my friends Theo Azan, interactive video artist.

  • You don't necessarily have the easiest way of showing work or selling work or, you know, distributing work.

  • And so this gives me an opportunity to meet a lot of people who could help me out.

  • But also I can help them out.

  • We can collaborate.

  • Ted, to me, seems to be like a huge mix, like a salad, people from all different creative ideas.

  • Everybody has a dream, and everybody has the strength and confidence to believe in themselves, like stirring it up to see what happens when you put all those ideas together.

  • Thing has been the most amazing week.

  • First just meeting everybody has been like Christmas every day.

  • Musicians and artists and visual designers.

  • And it forced me to think that they're so many different ways to look at the world.

  • People throw out ideas that can trigger things.

  • And so you're constantly growing and developing and re evaluating.

  • You know, everything.

  • You know where the innovators were, The kind of people that don't take no for an answer, I want to say, pushing the boundaries.

  • But that's also a cliche.

  • I don't think I can use one word to define us all.

  • I think I'm gonna look back.

  • Disbelief.

  • I have never been around people with such amazing ideas.

  • This is not just an event.

  • It's something which doesn't end with just one week.

  • You build these connections these bones with extraordinary people there with you for life.

My name is Asher DeVos.


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