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  • I don't be the businessman.

  • The Grammys, Because men do not address.

  • I love oat and welcome to sway the closet.

  • Come in.

  • Come in, please.

  • She's already at the door.

  • I was thinking the chauffeur.

  • This tower never before seen look is exclusive.

  • Limited edition flying.

  • You know, I'm a black view.

  • You know, I let animals Jane get the material.

  • Suppose I walk in with it on my body.

  • My favorite piece out of Oh, close.

  • Is this right?

  • Some people just gonna be scared.

  • Arrived?

  • I'm kind of scared of rocket, but guess what?

  • I'm gonna do it because it's boat.

  • Side of over boat a vote.

  • We both vote.

  • Be boat.

  • Oh, hey, I think I've done some spectacular, magnificent spread love after the Grammys.

  • You know, saying winner, lose.

  • Even if I win, I feel like I already won.

  • Grammy nominated.

  • You could be the lucky winner for a limited time.

  • Call 1 800 gets way.

  • I got a normal diamond.

  • See?

  • It's hot.

  • My thing.

  • I had to vote and the vote and get to the bottom.

  • That's the gravy days.

  • My best move right there.

  • Nobody home jacking my movies.

  • Even my hair.

  • You know, I got 100 different styles.

  • My little dres flow down.

  • Oh, yeah, I don't know.

  • I had two lakhs is unnatural too.

  • By the way, I've been growing my dress now for four and 1/2 years.

  • This is no flags on now.

  • My dress, the ones doing the flexion Whoa!

  • I always say, Guys, I'm going here.

  • This is a unit six shirt.

  • Almost any other lambs in my comments are gonna dump.

  • Shit is a unisex shape is to K 19.

  • What is unisex I get with it when I step on, the red carpet is going to be dead.

  • Carpet.

  • Great.

  • Get a great wood sweetly and his red carpet.

  • These feet are about to test a red carpet.

  • And this is gonna hit the Grammy.

  • See?

  • I love you, ma'am.

  • See you next time.

  • Vote.

  • Come on now.

I don't be the businessman.


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