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  • down to the 2020 race.

  • Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders said to face off in six contests across the country tomorrow night.

  • The biggest prize of all the state of Michigan.

  • And that's where both candidates are tonight.

  • Bite in getting an extra boost with two more endorsements from former rivals Senators Cory Booker and Camilla Harrison, both Biden and Sanders today, or taking on the president over his handling of the response to Corona Virus A B C's even Pilgrim is in Michigan with the latest tonight Joe Biden looking to cement his winning streak with a victory in Michigan.

  • Theo Corona virus now making its mark on the campaign trail.

  • Democratic Congressman Jackie Spear calling on all candidates to stop holding large events.

  • Is there a point you think that you will stop holding events?

  • We're following the science?

  • Whatever is the best thing to do?

  • Wrote to the public safety That's we're gonna do.

  • Biden says his campaign is talking to health officials.

  • The former vice president has eliminated rope line meet and greets.

  • For now, Bernie Sanders says the issue is top of mind.

  • We do not go forward without consultation with local public health officials, both candidates are seizing on the issue to rip into President Trump is reckless statements confusing people in this country on allover the world, Biden says.

  • The president should stop talking about the issue altogether.

  • How would this look different under a president?

  • Biden.

  • Just lovely with the American people, where things are how far behind the eight ball we are, what we have to do to catch up.

  • And even Pilgrim joins us now with the biting campaign in Detroit, even another boost for the vice president with these new endorsements, How confident is his campaign going into tomorrow night?

  • Lindsay.

  • They feel pretty and they're still riding on this big surge after his, I expected better than performed better than expected performance on Super Tuesday, so they feel pretty positive about how tomorrow will turn out.

  • There's been a lot of talk on his campaign stops here about his time as vice president and his role as vice president and working both in front and behind the scenes and help save the auto industry.

  • So a lot of that is being remembered.

  • He's at many key endorsements from politicians here in the state on he is hoping that will bring him to a victory here tomorrow night.

  • Clearly, you guys are in Detroit because it sounds like it can hear the Motown music playing in the back of our even pilgrim for us in Detroit.

  • Thank you, Eva.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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down to the 2020 race.


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