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  • Hey, Dan, could you make a video on copyrighting rates?

  • When it comes to HK operating, there are many ways you could charge for.

  • Your service is essentially two types of copywriters, right?

  • There are low income cooperators and there are high incomes cooperators.

  • So let's talk about the way that low income cooperators charge.

  • Now you see this on the Internet on love, these websites out there sometimes they could charge her word how many words that they write.

  • It will charge climbs for that now.

  • I don't like this kind of charging method because you and decline is on the same page.

  • Because if you're charging forward, your goal is to write as many words as possible for the client is to write as little words as possible so you don't overcharge them so that itself to me, the relationship it's ever cereal.

  • It's not very beneficial.

  • So that's charging forward.

  • You could also charge per page, right?

  • How many pages that you right now than your ID Goring?

  • Or should I do double space?

  • How pick other farms?

  • So I don't like that type of charging methods, either to how you price your service is.

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  • Click the link in the description, I think as Ah Hichem cooperator.

  • What you should focus on is either charge her project.

  • So there is a clear project.

  • Sculpt that.

  • Let's say decline needs 10 e mails or also five ads or five landing pages.

  • While this Scoble work, you're gonna charge Decline Ex Amano dollars and usually you could get some money down depends on how big the project is to get the project going.

  • So maybe 1/3 down and then one ther when it's halfway and the other one toe when it's completed, or sometimes can do 50% down 50% when it's completed.

  • Right now, another way that you could charge is her month kind of like a retainer.

  • That's a very good way of doing it, because then you don't need to hunt for clients all the time.

  • That's what I teach all my copywriters who are my students.

  • So let's say you're charging the clients $2000 a month and in exchange you promising change.

  • I'm gonna write this amount of copy for you, right?

  • So it's agree upon and declined needs that X amount of copy every single month.

  • I think there's a very good way of doing it because then you can spend more time focusing on how to deliver the best work.

  • Now, once you get very, very good, I mean, very, very good.

  • You see high income copywriter, six figure copywriters, even 70 cooperators.

  • Then they charge what I call a percentage.

  • So meaning that it could be a website that's producing X amount of dollars.

  • They are writing something to increase the conversion rate example, and for how much of the upside they say this Web pages making half a $1,000,000 okay.

  • And as a cooperator, you go in for performance, you write the copy and now the web pages making $700,000 right?

  • So that $200,000 upside you get a percentage of that.

  • That's when you're very, very good when you're not just starting out and you have some kind of track record and clients are willing to say, You know what that works, and there has to be trust between you and declines as well, because you got to trust a client that the client would pay you when the results are there.

  • So that's what I would recommend you see with my high income cooperating program.

  • I teach my students not just how to price your service is, but what are some of the most profitable areas with incorporating that you should focus on, because if you pick the wrong area, although you could be very, very good.

  • But it's more difficult to make money if instead, if you focus on areas that it's high and demand that clients are willing to pay per project or pay in monthly retainer.

  • Four, it's easier for you to do well and make more money.

  • That's a cooperator.

  • If you want to find out more about my high income cooperator program, you can check on my free master class by clicking the link below.

Hey, Dan, could you make a video on copyrighting rates?


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