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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.
Now this is the Dell OptiPlex 3 90 As the successor to the OptiPlex 3 80 range, the 3 90 introduced there was jumped to the Sandy Bridge 11 55 platform, with these desktops coming in three different sizes.
The small form Factor PC desktop PC on this one, the mini tower with a reinvented design and sleek silver and black finish, these sturdy tower's still look good Six years after release Today, I want to talk about whether or not it's still worth buying one.
How much you confined them for as well as possible.
Upgrade options.
I paid £50 for my mini tower here, roughly $67 a significant reduction in price since the days when these rolled off the production line.
I managed to find Dale's old product detail page whereby this personally customized model would have set the purchase of back $519 or between four and £500 or euros on respective international customization pages.
So what are the specs on?
What's it like to use this machine in 2000 and 18 as is this one features a jewel court I 3 21 103.1 gigahertz.
Three gigs of DDR 3 13 33 megahertz ran a 250 gig hard drive and even has an 80 plus gold certified power supply.
The price I paid isn't anything special, either, with an abundance of these old towers floating around for cheap.
Despite these also coming in a faster I five variant, this I three model still feels snappy to use even after upgrading it.
Toe Windows 10.
The Eye three still has enough processing grunt to tackle every day and basic tasks like Web browsing, HD video playback and even some editing programs like Premiere Pro and Photo Shop, with the latter running smooth enough on the integrated HD 2000 graphics.
You will struggle to see decent performance in gaming, though, unless you add a discreet graphics card.
Which brings me on to my next point upgrade ability.
Because these model ship with the aforementioned 80 plus certified 265 what ps you you can add a card like a GTX 10 50 to them without worrying about swapping the power supply out for something more powerful, the P S U is standard size, though, so can easily be replaced if you want to.
The motherboard also officially supports up to eight gigabytes of DDR three memory, which is still enough for modern games.
Though some users have reported that 16 gigs works fine with the latest bios, it's also worth noting that the eye three can be replaced with an eye 5 24 100 process.
ER and I've read a few reports of some users getting Ice seven's toe work, though I have my doubts.
So it will be something I have to test for myself.
I plan to do a few different things with the chassis in order to show you the different possibilities and upgrading it until it can be upgraded gnome or is one of them.
Today, though, I want to focus on the easiest way of turning something like this into a gaming rig.
They're not necessarily the most cost effective, and that is by adding a 10 50 to it, as well as another geek of Ram changing nothing else.
This represents the first of a few options with a system like this one.
I call it the lazy man's build or woman's because, you know, 2% of my audience, all female.
This minimal effort way of getting into gaming is still very rewarding.
On offers a significant jump over the integrated graphics performance.
It's a few demanding games for today, but stay tuned for a lot more in upcoming videos, especially as we explore different upgrade paths in Far Car five are very recent release the eye 3 21 110 50 along with just four gigs of RAM, managed to average 47 F.
P s with the low settings at full HD resolution in the benchmark test There.
As you can see, the Eye three is holding the GPU back as it sits at 100% usage most of the time and caused stuttered during actual gameplay.
This is represented by that 1000.1% low figure.
It's a similar story and rise of the Tomb Raider.
Although the system was a little more evenly matched here as both CPU and GPU spent more time sitting closer to 100% usage throughout the benchmark test, most of the stutter came from the forest section of the benchmark Ghost Recon Wild Lands on the other hand appeared more GPU intensive, with the 10 50 reaching 100% usage more often than the eye three.
But it's clear that the 10 50 could benefit from a little more breathing space in the form of a slightly more powerful CPU.
Still, the OptiPlex 3 90 is a very usable office or home machine and can also provide a very easy way into the world of budget PC gaming, especially if you can get hold of the eye 5 24 100 variants right off the bat with a solid build quality and well rated P S.
It's also ideal for beginners who want a bit of an upgrade project without diving in head first and building a system entirely from scratch.
These old OptiPlex is will always hold a special place in my heart, and I just think that they are great systems, even in 2000 and 18.
For someone who wants a little bit of a project or someone who wants a pretty decent Onda near silence every day, PC guys, as always, thank you so much for watching.
I hope you have enjoyed today's video.
If you did leave a lock on it leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll see all of you in the next one.


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