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Hi, guys.
I got a new camera, which is hopefully gonna be the best thing in my life because previously I've been filming on my iPhone success Plus, which is being awesome.
But I was a fool, and I got a really small size too small size possible.
So every day, I have toe empty adult footage and it's still just it just wasn't enough.
I run a spice and I couldn't film so much.
So So it was very frustrating.
So here we all the new camera.
I want to show you one really funny thing about this camera because it's Japanese.
It has a makeup filter.
So right now, I think I'm just gonna stick with the level two because it makes me feel good.
But I'm gonna show you what happens if we turn it all the way up.
And here I am with 100% makeup.
Phil, talk.
Let's get in the light.
I have no blemishes.
I've got a nice, beautiful, bright face.
If you look closely, it's kind of a little I think she quite good.
Let's turn in my job.
And now I'd like to know Yes.
So it kind of just smooth my face out.
Go over to any kind of blemish is in discoloration.
So if you watch people on YouTube, just remember that even the filming can be edited heavily.
Just with wasn't cameras.
I wanted to do a celebratory meal tonight because I got a job.
I would tell you anything about the job.
I don't really want to reveal any information.
It's not a permanent job.
It's a one day job, but it's a job, and that is something.
So I'm gonna make a celebratory meal tonight and I want to take you with me because I'm gonna try and make like steak and mashed potatoes and vegetables.
And I've never done that in Japan before.
He's my groceries.
I went shopping in my good until my bag is the steak that I got about $6.
So 575 yen for two steaks.
I've got some super long, 20 carats.
Cats here quite short.
They were about 200 yen.
I think he's my potatoes for dessert.
I got my favorite camel toe for putting this camel.
One just been ableto through with some source.
I got a good one because I'm obsessed.
That's some good.
Dairy Free, My honey dairy.
So it's and friendly a celebratory drink I got.
I got some she high.
Since it's my favorite toy, it's pretty much it tastes like lemonade.
This one tastes like, uh, Cal piss.
It's kind of weird when I say Cal piss, it's C A L p.
I s not cow piss.
It is.
It's hard to describe Cal Piss kind of visit, but it's like like a really soft I can't explain it.
Okay, let's get cooking.
Old potatoes appealed and the water is just doing its thing.
Thistles my shelves.
Now I'm kind of busy.
So let's get started.
Young Waldo's are doing that thing.
I'll show you the monstrosity that is my backyard.
Um, but also, I've got two parts down here.
This is my new one I just made.
And, as usual, all stuff from die.
So So this is gonna be a problem.
I'm boiling the potatoes and I'm gonna take them off and mash them while I cook the steak.
But I also want carrots and other vegetables like leaks.
So, like I don't know how to do this, I could fish out the potatoes with this.
And then I can put the leaks in on top with the carrots.
Well, when the potatoes out in this thing, I'm gonna mash them in that.
Now, these pretty look at the lonely nights I'm gonna come up vegetables.
Okay, so we have our potatoes.
Um, I don't know, but insult.
Okay, so I just took one of the steaks from over here and put it on this fried pan, and this is all happening on my my state.
Guys way go.
And I've got my little you either.
And let's see what this source tastes like.
It's a document.
Oh, that's actually really good.
It actually worked out.
Okay, Okay, Okay.
I'm gonna watch some YouTube and no, no, actually, I'm gonna watch some Netflix and just chill out and relax.
Thanks so much for watching me just cook a meal, because that was fun.
But you guys, I'll see you next time.
Job on it.


Cooking in a tiny Japanese apartment + New camera!

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 20 日 に公開
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