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Hey, I'll come out.
This make me a rich man.
So you want me to make you a rich man by buying this?
Of course.
Rossler and Fae.
Self lighting and extinguishing lanterns.
Pat did May 18th 18.
I've asked around people who deal and old things like that.
No one has ever seen another one like it.
Okay, well, it looks like you both deal with old things.
Maybe you should go have a drink together today.
I brought in self lighting and extinguishing lantern from 18.
I bought the lantern in a sale in Huntington, West Virginia.
I can't find any evidence that it was that were actually produced commercially.
So I'm assuming that because I have one, it must be a patent model.
It's pretty interesting.
It's Ah, the patent thing is need.
Is it a big deal to get the patent?
Well, fact that it was I mean, this is 18 58 in this pattern number 20,003 02 That's 65 years in and we got 20,000 patents.
Now we're only a 10 million or so.
They just didn't issue that many patents back then.
It was probably in, uh, in 18 58.
I'd be surprised if they did 1000 patents that year.
Nowadays, there's over well over 1000 patents a day submitted to the patent office.
And it was innovation like this that changed the world.
This was the original flashlight.
All right, well, my phone comes of the flashlight now, so you can keep it in the 18 hundreds.
The self lighting lanterns was a pretty revolutionary idea.
It used to be a pain to light a lantern on a windy day.
This you just press the button that was let and pat models are really collectible.
But I don't even know if that's what we're looking at.
What do you want to do with it?
I kind of like to sell it.
How much you want for it?
About $2000.
So how do you know this is a patent model?
And just because the tags on it doesn't necessarily mean it's the patent bottle.
Okay, I have no proof.
I just have decades of knowledge, Okay?
It's really, really cool that it might be the patent model.
I mean, but, uh, I'd want a patent letter or something with it, and I don't have that.
It didn't come with it where I would have brought it.
Okay, I'm gonna pass on it because I just you know, you're asking a lot of money, and if I go to resell it, I gotta be sure it's a patent model when I'm not.
All right.
Thanks for bringing it up.
I'm kind of said that I didn't get what I wanted, but it's something that probably belongs in a museum.
And it's probably what, wind up.
What are you doing?
Just research and researching.
I got a pad in my name.
You can't patent the name, your trademark, A name.
A patent is when you invent something.
Well, I'm about to invent a way to make money off my name because its patent trademark whatever that's my vision.
Just get paid for being Chumley.
That is not how it works.
If you're gonna trademark something, you actually have to get a trademark, which I do not Thank you.
Qualify for I do.
I checked.
Are you for sale?
You can rent my time.
I'm not gonna go any further with this conversation.
Well, go ahead.
Enjoy saying my name while it's free.
Okay, Chumley with a Why is that?
Okay, That's already trademarked.
They consume me then.
So how is the trademark coming?
Coming along?
It looks like I'm gonna be rich in no time.
So you're trademarking Chumley?
Yes, I am.
And you can go ahead ad right there.
At what?
The money to the trademark Infringement fund.
You're saying my name without proper written consent by myself, The owner of the intellectual property Chumley.
What do you two arguing about?
I'm not arguing about anything.
Chum has two times Chumley each other a number five.
That's trademark infringement.
You know what?
You have your lawyer call my lawyers and we'll see how it all goes.
You're using my name in trade your trading information about my intellectual being.
You think it's funny?
We'll see how funny it is When my lawyers contact your a team of lawyers.
It's pretty amazing.
He's trying to charge you for using his name.


Pawn Stars: Chumlee's GET-RICH-QUICK Trademark Scheme (Season 13) | History

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