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as we were spreading for a lot of reasons, they could certainly promoted cause.
But they can also be worth spreading just cause they're funny or beautiful or or really ingenious.
If you drop the idea of ambushing people's attention by shoving videos down their throat and instead Austin to view by invitation, you can share an idea.
Thief Girl Effect is essentially about a nada lesson girl at a crucial crossroads in her life.
Short film is the documentation of a global initiative to add color to dull gray spaces in four communities around Party wanted to find an experience that could be both enjoyed by people on the street and also enjoyed by people around the world.
So we created a very spectacular fashion.
I think we tried to just be chroniclers of a miracle.
We meet Selina in the opening frames of the commercial, and we're told that she is AIDS and the final title.
Just Day one, the effects of AIDS could be reversed.
So you realized watching actually been watching the whole thing backwards.
Theme is the Detroit You think you know I did.
What we set out to do was to a love story to Detroit.
All this stuff then became really important to us.
So we could basically take someone on a journey of what they thought.
Toe what we feel.
This is the Motor City.
This what we do, how can we take the geographic center off Detroit actually transposed that into being in AA heart area wherever you are.
So what we're looking to do for Intel was just elicit some kind of motion in the audience because frankly, chips on exactly the most thrilling of things.
This was just a real event.
This is a really human being who bravely Ladas to come into your life and witness what she was doing.
So the idea for using animation was Thio Give it a more contemporary feel.
Also, we could graphically show you statistics.
We could slowly reach out and grab you by the heart on really make you feel a part of it.
Yeah, it was to get a rush.
Whatever that rushes when you watch something special and you say that was the coolest thing ever and want to tell your friends all about how cool it was because it made you feel a certain excitement and joy when you see reaction and you see that before saying that's pretty cool.
Cannot be part of it somehow.
Then you know it works.
I think advertising is going to surprise us.
One of the things that will happen with advertising is it will be held more accountable.
I think that the skills that we have as people who work in advertising and marketing for elegant, full processes on DDE interesting ways to solve old problems, still masturbate.
It's not about telling people you're gonna buy this thing because I'm gonna create this metaphor.
And I'm gonna give you this imagined life You're gonna buy this thing or you're gonna buy into this brand because there is a role for this in your life.
And when Ted launched ads worth spreading, it just felt like, Okay, somebody's gonna look at it not just as an ad but as worth spreading way.
Thought it was an ad word spreading and, you know, we wanted to spread it ourselves.


About Ads Worth Spreading

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 20 日 に公開
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