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  • and so many of us have questions about this virus and what each of us could be doing to stop the spread.

  • Dr.

  • Jen Ashen joins us now and Dr Jen from the reporting Tonight we've learned that tomb or nursing homes have been affected in Washington state.

  • We know the elderly are the most vulnerable to this virus.

  • Do we know why it's hitting nursing homes?

  • Well, you have to understand in a in a skilled nursing home facility, it's really a revolving door of sorts.

  • You have patients going in and out from hospitals to hospitals in and out of the community.

  • You have visitors, including grandchildren, coming in on a regular basis.

  • And you have staff who oftentimes will leave that nursing home job and not only go to their homes, but possibly to other jobs as well.

  • So it's a really right population to be at risk for this.

  • So what can we do to help prevent elderly people from contracting the virus?

  • Well, I think a couple of things time, and the first thing is we have to start seeing what we do as a buffer for the vulnerable population.

  • So things like school closings restricting large gatherings and even working from home if possible, especially the school closings.

  • Remember, a lot of those grandchildren go to visit their grand parents so they could be a vector of spread.

  • And then I think also, when you look at this nursing home outbreak situation, it's about isolating the ill.

  • It's about contact tracing to try to figure out who else may be at risk and again testing everyone.

  • The testing is key.

  • Dr.

  • Jenn Ashton for us tonight.

  • Hi, everyone.

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and so many of us have questions about this virus and what each of us could be doing to stop the spread.


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