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  • I don't know, but I think they could have made it without the tip.

  • That thing is now we're gonna go to elevated, get some coffee, which I haven't had this morning, too.

  • We're gonna go buy some supplies.

  • We'll find something at Mall of Asia, and then we'll come back here.

  • Cool thing.

  • They have a shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes every day.

  • Thank you.

  • I wanted to get the whole I'm leaving the bus and thank you.

  • And the guy goes, you didn't even look at me.

  • So we're at the Mall of Asia.

  • But instead of bringing you to every story visited, I'm gonna cut to the highlights.

  • You won't have to sit through Michael trying on every piece of clothing at all.

  • The stores decided.

  • Every single store has doormen as long as a store.

  • Even Joe benches in the mall are always occupied.

  • You snooze, you lose.

  • So it made it to the eyeglass store.

  • Might go probably by some contact lenses.

  • Not I don't want to do.

  • Hopefully you don't even need to get a prescription to get contact lenses.

  • You can buy them at every hours.

  • Makes it easy for travelers and it should increase sales.

  • All right, so Michael got her contact lenses.

  • Can't forget about local Philippine brands like Watson's Bench, Jollibee and my favorite K K K.

  • I love them all, just like anyone, but I think you know, people really, really love them all there, just like so many people hanging out.

  • Maybe it's on the Internet, I don't know, but they're just hanging out.

  • Every entrance has a security.

  • Just don't get freaked out about the guns.

  • It's pretty standard here.

  • You eventually get used to.

  • Mo has a giant supermarket with fruit.

  • Selection is amazing.

  • Plus, they have a lot of other stuff and lots and lots beers.

  • Funny thing is, Japanese beer is cheaper in the Philippines.

  • Then Japan.

  • Check out this can of a sigh.

  • It's good for you.

  • And finally, if you want to get some good old American buffalo wings, you could find it here, too.

  • So we're at Buffalo Wild Wings.

  • Picture the card.

  • I don't tell by all of Asia.

  • This place freaking cool.

  • It has monitors everywhere.

  • If you wanna walk to Sports show, you watch it here.

I don't know, but I think they could have made it without the tip.


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アジアのモールについてのおかしなこと|フィリピン・マニラ (Funny Things about Mall of Asia | Manila Philippines)

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