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  • I know, Mom. This is the soonest I could...

  • I know. Mom...

  • Mom, I can't talk long now.

  • No, I am OK. I'm just not supposed to be talking to anybody.

  • OK, I want you to listen.

  • I want you to grab a few things and I want you to go to the cabin for a few days.

  • Don't tell anybody where you're going. No questions. I just want you to do it.

  • OK, I can't talk right now. I'll talk to you later if I can, OK?

  • OK, I gotta go. Bye.

  • All right, all right, all right.

  • - Come on, we gotta get a car. - No, put away the gun. I can get us a ride.

  • I can.

  • - Look what I found. - What's that?

  • - Cyberdyne Systems. Isn't that it? - What about it?

  • Listen to this. They develop this revolutionary new thing, this m...

  • - Molecular memory. - Right.

  • So they become hotshot computer guys

  • and develop this thing for the government, right?

  • - Right. That's the way it was told to me. - So we can eighty-six the bastard.

  • - We can blow it up. It'll never happen. - It's tactically dangerous. We lay low.

  • No, Reese. Think it through.

  • We can prevent the war. There's nobody else.

  • If we go to somebody official, we end up in jail again and he's got us again.

  • - We've got to do it ourselves. - That's not my mission.

  • Listen.

  • Understand. I am not a military objective. I'm a person, and you don't own me.

  • - Let's go. - Fuck you! Let me go!

  • Sarah!

  • Sarah!

  • Sarah!

  • - Let go! - Sarah!

  • That's real brilliant. Go ahead, shoot. That's smart.

  • Jesus Christ, Reese. Don't you see that I am scared?

  • I don't wanna spend my whole life waiting for that thing to catch me.

  • Always looking over my shoulder, wondering if I left some tiny clue behind.

  • Reese!

  • Reese?

  • I don't belong here.

  • I wasn't meant to see this.

  • It's like a dream.

  • This.

  • And this.

  • And you.

  • It's so beautiful...

  • it hurts, Sarah.

  • It hurts so bad.

  • You can't understand.

  • It's gone.

  • All gone.

  • All of it, it's gone.

  • Well, we can change it, Kyle.

  • We have to at least try.

  • There is no fate but what we make for ourselves, right?

  • Come on, kiddo. What do you say?

  • OK.

I know, Mom. This is the soonest I could...


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A2 初級

サラは反撃する|ザ・ターミネーター[削除されたシーン] (Sarah Fights Back | The Terminator [Deleted Scene])

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