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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.
Now, A couple of days ago, I bought a cheat gaming PC from Facebook that actually turned out to be a pretty good deal.
It featured on I 5 46 70 k Energy Tix 7 70 which, it seems, was the limiting factor when it came to playing modern games.
I and many of you said that the 46 70 k would benefit from a better graphics card, and I couldn't help but wonder just how well it would do when paired with my daily driver, the duty x 10 70.
After all, I said it was still a pretty decent CPU.
And to put my money where my mouth is, I slap this beastie aftermarket cooler on it here, albeit slightly haphazardly due to my loss of a bracket.
This isn't a Seuss H 81 bull, but thanks to a BIOS update a while ago, it supports the over clocking of Intel's K Siri's chips.
You can see here that I was able to hit stable 4.3 gigahertz on air 4.4 gigahertz caused the blue screen almost immediately after logging into windows.
So is this overcooked.
I five still decent today.
Well, the first thing I'll show you here is the sinner bench are 15 Improvement.
The over clock added over 80 points to our multi corps is out here, and this was reflected in the editing and rendering performance.
I've used this since making the video about the Facebook bargain PC, and I have to say it still doesn't nice job in Premiere Pro.
Sure, it wasn't blisteringly fast, but it just gets on with it without fuss.
So let's try some games, throwing some, particularly CPU hungry ones, into the mix.
My native monitor at the moment is 10 80 p.
So that's the resolution All of the games were tested at.
I've also used 16 gigs of DDR three to try and eliminate any other possible limiting factors.
What I want to determine here is whether the 46 70 k is still a good choice, and immediately I'd say over clocking will definitely help alleviate some of the otherwise process unlimited situations.
I'd also say right away that I wouldn't personally pair it with anything more powerful than a 10 17.
There are other factors, like resolution and settings that will depend on CPU usage.
But as I say, I play it 10 80 p and it's still the most common resolution.
According to the Steam Hardware survey, starting off with a picks, letter ins and you'll have no issues exceeding 60 f ps and beyond.
What you will notice, though, is that the process of hits 100% load quite often.
But I found this to be of no issue.
As forest stuttering or leg was concerned.
You can see by the frame times that performance was pretty consistent.
In Battlefield five, I played through this hill climb level whereby you have to fight your way to the top toh wipe out enemy positions.
Interestingly, the CPU will start off maxing out not just at the beginning of the level, but during the endgame.
Menus, too.
About halfway up the hill, usage dropped between 80 and 90%.
But there were no issues with frame times at any point, just like with Apex, in fact, and I know some of you won't like hearing this.
I actually saw less micro stutter in this game with this I five than I usually do with my 12 threaded rise and 5 1600 perhaps due to strongest single core performance with this chick.
Now you may remember that far cry five didn't perform too well at all when we tested this 46.
70 k with the two gigs 7 70 here, though at high we were exceeding 60 f p.
S most of the time with the process of maxing out.
On some occasions we were still seeing a delightful average frame rate, which will drop during certain intensive scenes.
However, for the most part, it was a pretty respectable result during this half hour of gameplay.
I'm sure most of you know by now that I usually play each tested game for about 30 minutes and take the performance results from the entirety of the game session, capturing just a small snippet of footage to show you in the video in just cause for it was the other way around.
This game is far more GPU bound, So I five just sort of sat in the system, chilling out, offering a helping hand every so often, while the 10 70 put nearly everything it had into this game.
In every case so far we've seen at least 60 F ps 10.
80 p, which is ideal for most people with a standard full HD monitor.
There will be times, perhaps more often not when a card like this would benefit from a CPU with a higher thread count.
But after five and 1/2 years, it still pumps out.
Pretty decent numbers went over clocked, which, to be honest, it's super simple to do and can even be achieved on a cheap H 81 motherboard.
Finally, I couldn't resist trying Metro exodus because this could be very demanding.
Should you choose to turn the settings right up?
I stuck with High here and Randy in game benchmark test.
As you can see, the graphics card was the bottleneck, for the most part, sticking to 99 cent usage most of the time.
Certain firing whether effects can really hit the frame rate hard, with it dipping down to 30 or less through the outside section of the benchmark run.
The I five will show up to 100% usage every so often, but it was a decent overall result.
To conclude this Cebu is still capable of 10 80 p 60 f ps game play with a card like a 10 70 in most scenarios, if you are an everyday user or gamer, basically anyone who doesn't have m s I afterburner running all the time to inform you of CPU usage in every title you play.
Then you're not going to notice major performance issues that will make you think, Oh, my CPU must be bottle necking here.
At least not in any of the games I tested today.
I think it's actually held up quite well, to be honest, but I certainly recommend cranking up the clock speed a little bit where with all that said, I hope you've enjoyed today's video, and I think it just goes to show that in some instances where you might not have upgraded your PC and quite a while switching out one component may make all the difference, as was the case with the Site five, which was originally paired with a GTX 7 70 With all that said and done, thank you very much for watching if you enjoy this video lever like on it, leave a dislike.
If you didn't let me know if you still run with this process that in your system, whether or not You have it over clocked.
Subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already.
And hopefully I'll see you all in the next one.


Is The I5 4670K Really Still a Decent CPU?

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