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It's so funny, Like walking around this house.
I actually feel like I'm just in one of my friends like you knock a countryside houses.
It's pretty cool.
You may not know this, but there are many troubles Islands where we are now, Mommy.
Oh, she It's located all the way in the South takes about two and 1/2 hours by air from Tokyo.
He's super nice.
At this point, you probably have no clue what this beautiful island is all about.
So in this flood, I'm going to show you how to enjoy Amami Oshima.
But before anything, you gotta rent a car.
It's pretty cool.
You can actually rent this thing for, like, 3000 yen on our, which is about 30 bucks an hour.
It's nice.
Mommy is not a big city like Tokyo or soccer, so don't expect the same level of public transportation to help you get around.
So my most everything to do here is up in surfing.
There are so many surf spots water's blue as the sky.
It's okay if you don't know how to certain.
Most hotels offer reasonable tours for water sports.
If you don't care about catching waves you can just cruise on a sub or even snorkel.
Other fun activities you can try is the mangrove tour.
You could enjoy a beautiful nature scene in the peaceful morning.
We loved it after getting some exercise.
Let's get some good local food.
My favorite restaurant is Basha Yama.
One of their specialties, you must try, is a que Han K.
On comes the toppings of shredded juicy chicken egg, she talking mushrooms, pickled papaya and orange field for flavor and rice and hot chicken.
Ah, but a summit.
It means oil noodles, but is nothing.
Close toilet more like stir fry thin soma noodles with lots of flavor.
And check out all this other cool stuff you can try.
So we're gonna check out the yakitori place called Pitch.
I'm kind of hungry, so let's go check it out.
Most restaurants are gathered in the city called nausea, but it's a bit far from surfing spots.
For those who don't like long drives, I recommend bash Obama and texture.
It's nice.
Second time John Specialty Chicken.
I ordered chicken sashimi for starters, eating sushi sashimi.
It's also a little bit chewy and crunching.
I also got the juicy yakitori booth sauce is so good I can't get another like I almost feel like you're just the right some sauce.
I could just eat that without chicken.
Another topping.
So it's not a good way can yesterday, But now we're gonna have cake.
Chicken based soup very light.
It's not a very heavy soup.
It's really good.
Taste like chicken and mushrooms on this are amazing.
One thing.
Culturally, it's okay acceptable to slurping noodles in Japan.
In fact, it's actually good sign.
You're enjoying it.
You see that behind me?
You actually don't see this in a lot of parts of the world.
Japan is called a bottle case.
What it means is customers at frequent this place, they can order a bottle of sake, and if they don't finish it, they can write their name on the bottle and then they just leave it.
That's a restaurant when they come back again.
Then they already paid for the bottles that they drink that bottle again so you could buy a bottle.
It's yours and will actually keep it for you here.
Pretty cool system in Japan.
I haven't seen in a lot of other places.
You can also check out this cool heart room.
You can only see it during low tide, so be sure to go at the right time.
And if you like fresh ice cream, this is the place to go.
So many interesting flavors to try.
It was so hard to choose.
So this is the mommy park.
Don't really know what's actually in here, but we're gonna see what's inside.
We're actually on our way to the airport just now, but we had a few minutes that kill.
So we're gonna hop in here and see what's actually inside.
We might find something pretty cool if you have a little bit more time before your flight check out this mommy Park.
It's only five minutes away from the airport.
Wow, This is like a huge stadium area.
And if you look just like right here behind me, there is some historical museum kind of like artifacts and stuff.
You can see Mike.
Oh, she's checking with telescopes, just kind of want the little kids do.
But she's into that.
I think people from a mommy really like the liquor as you can see behind me.
So this is like a traditional Japanese house.
It's cool.
It's like it's set a little bit of love and then you can actually go in step inside.
And it has a straw like ceiling.
Pretty cool.
Let's go inside.
It's so funny, Like walking around this house actually feel like I'm just in one of my friends, like not countryside houses.
It's pretty cool.
All right, so that concludes our log for this time around in a mommy.
If you guys have any questions or comments leaving comments section below, In fact, let me know what you guys like best about this video.
Let us know which place was your favorite.
Leave that in common section well and like always.
If you want to see more adventures in Japan and in Tokyo hit, that's a 7 10 We'll see you in the next one.


Top 7 Things to DO in AMAMI OSHIMA Island Japan | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

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