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  • No, with women.

  • All right.

  • Just just next to it.

  • Yeah.

  • Having drinking binge?

  • I can thank you.

  • 51.

  • Then they could get into May.

  • I've been thinking I've been thinking I can knock you.

  • Muffin gives up the baby, won't you?

  • I cannot keep my fingers up A baby.

  • I've got eyes like an animal with disco Mazarin McGrail, flashing lights, flesh lives You commit it?

  • If it'd been a baby, won't you?

  • You can keep your guys have Not better that alone.

  • True, huh?

  • Own too way walk up and get this thing I This'd happen.

  • No, baby, my be Let's back these mining Nobody wait.

  • Is everybody sad?

  • She's a queen.

  • A theory But I don't believe that magic I think about money.

  • Is that Wait, wait, wait.

  • What about sticks and stones May break these bones.

  • Another thing.

  • I'll be ready.

  • You ready now?

  • What about trust?

  • Holy way Needed a home?

  • I have a secret.

  • Did I can keep Not the boy that I thought you wanted.

  • Please don't get angry Half eight to me Say, I shouldn't be here.

  • I can give a pistol.

  • It is him.

  • It is him.

  • So I tell me that doesn't get it is him?

  • It is him.

  • Uh huh.

  • Mrs.

  • I feel you.

  • He's with me.

  • How can I make you?

  • I understand You can get these.

  • It is.

  • Tell me that it is him.

  • It is him, Not the boy that that you want, Theo.

  • Ah, uh Only oils have takes the field.

  • I feel still Ooh, now, No.

  • Yeah, Thank you.

  • I'm trying to hold my breath Let me stay this Can't let this'll dream in me Getting loud can you?

  • You take my keys with without you All the signs of thousands But tonight's stars steal from the night sky will never be never be Nina Still too little These hands Yeah, Never for me For me in sound My bones He goes electric wavy When I turned it on Also altering my hall We're flying nominal senior When I'm in my zone I got that sunshine in my pocket I got that good soul in my feet And I feel that my father with Trump's Who by the way Rocket So don't stop where everything goes nowhere When I'm getting you close way you dance Good use just nobody Just do something magical riff I so high No ceiling When we're in our So I got sunshine in my bucket's got that good soul in my feet Feel that in my day In a life when everything goes nowhere to hide When I'm getting your clothes way But you just dance dance, dance, dance, dance nobody leaves I got this feeling in my way Tell me something, girl Are you happy In this mother world you need more Is there something else you're searching for Hidden all the good times I find myself And then the bad times I fear myself Something more onto tie It's gonna feel bad Boy, what do you need more?

  • He didn't keep it.

  • Gonna make a change Phones It's gonna feel real good Gonna make a difference Gonna Thio is turn up the collar bone My favorite win coach Diesel In this moment I think it's a street with not enough to wear my to be blind Pretending not to see that needs a Hamas district Got a broken bottle Time and one man's soul They follow the child to the wind You know I got nowhere to go That's why what should I wear if you want yourself, mate, if you want it that way.

  • Wait Tonight.

  • You, uh, kiss warning that stuff.

  • Wait, What about six?

No, with women.


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A2 初級

彼はザ・ヴォイスで2位の1 CHAIR TURNから2位になりました。 (He went from last second 1 CHAIR TURN to RUNNER-UP in The Voice)

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日