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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.
And what is the first in a new series called Stuff you sent me where we take a look at some of the stuff that you guys have sent in?
No ever since.
Making those two are 9 to 90 videos a few days ago where we bought the are 9 to 90 off of eBay in a broken and unstable condition and then fix the up to get it fully working again.
You guys have been wanting to send me some of your old tech.
Now, this isn't necessarily broken stuff, but the two GP use I have today weren't listed on eBay as 40 on were purchased by ago.
I also named Steve, who lives quite close to me.
So I was able to pick these two up.
Technically, then, this isn't really a stuff.
You sent me video as much as it is a stuff I picked up from a local bloke video.
But let's get into it nonetheless and see what we have to look at today.
Now, the first card I'm particularly excited about is this the radio on HD 48 70 now in 2008 this Jule GPU solution released that 550 U.
Dollars, and if you wanted the best card in the world at the time, this would have been the one that you bought.
Now, starting in 2006 in video, we're pretty much considered the graphics card.
King's having just released their 8800 GTX Between the period of 2006 and 2008 it seemed the AMG we're playing catch up.
They would release something, and then in video would really something that outperformed that I Am D card once again on dhe.
This continued for a couple of years until a MD launched the agency 4800.
Siri's now the 4800 Siri's or more specifically, 48 50 and 48 70 were launched at cheaper prices than the already released Drea Ticks to 60 Angie Ticks to 80 from in video, yet worked two different when it came to benchmark tests.
Now this made in video panic a little bit, and so they dropped the prices of the Jew text to 60 and GTX to 82 to reflect the performance in comparison to the 4800 Siri's from I Am D Now I am.
He obviously weren't done yet, and they decided to crown to 48 seventies onto a single bald, and thus this was born.
It is not without its problems, as every Jule GPU solution is, but I find it an absolute fascinating card, and it's a shame that this one is broken, but we are gonna be doing our best to try and fix it up.
But first, a little more about the card itself.
Now the two GP use on this board are connected by 48 lane P.
LX Bridge on This is a pretty thirsty card as well, requiring a 650 what power supply with one a pin and 16 pin connector.
It's also very, very heavy.
Um, maybe no in comparison to some of the graphics cards out there today, but comparing it to some old GP use of the time.
It certainly is very, very weighty.
Now this card is clocked at 750 megahertz, and what's interesting is that it can be cross fired.
Two technically have 4 48 70 is running at a single time now, of course, is limited these days by direct text 10.1, so you won't be able to run the latest games on it.
But back in 2000 and eight, it would have made very light work of crisis, even outperforming the fo mentioned Jew ticks to 80 in a lot of gangs.
Now, when I stored in the system using the rise in 5 24 100 G, the car did pick up in the device manager.
Yet when I connected, the output leads to the card itself.
There was no display on the monitor to combat this.
I tried to briefly resurrect it with the old GPU in the oven method, which, as you know, is a temporary fix and should not be considered a permanent solution to fixing a broken graphics card.
In this case, though, I stripped the car down, put the ball in the oven on top of some for your balls.
On a few minutes later, I took it out and it smelled good enough to eat, but I put it back together, put it in the system and to my amazement, it did briefly work and I was able to test out a couple of games, including crisis, as you can see here.
Unfortunately, though, 10 minutes later the car did crash to a black screen, which wasn't unexpected, given that the GPU in the Oven method is only designed to be a temporary solution to a bigger problem.
But I will be trying to fix this up in an upcoming video to see if we can't get it working 100%.
Once again, this is a fine graphics card that would look very nice in anyone's collection.
Just look at the design of it.
It looks so threatening with those massive spikes coming up for the top there, and it really would have reflected its very capable gaming performance late last decade.
So let's move on to the second card in the P o box today, and we have the P N Y Duty X 4 60 X L r eight edition.
Get it accelerate, meaning it's or waas blazingly fast These days, the GTX for 60 isn't all that capable, but it will still make light work of some more modern titles.
Now this edition of the car actually lost with one gigabyte of Judy DDR five v Aram on as you may know the 4 60 originally came with 768 megabytes.
That wouldn't have made much difference, I would have imagined back in the day.
But today it might help you out just a little bit.
The person who bought this card actually described it as smoking.
Quite literally.
They plugged into the system and swear that they saw a bit of grey smoke come from the back of the ball here.
Now, usually, if you've got smoke coming from any PC component, it's a bad sign, and it probably means it's too late to save.
But we're gonna go ahead and plug it into the system anyway and take a massive risk.
So let's get the fire brigade on standby and see if this thing fires up.
I've never actually been so nervous about turning on a computer before.
I just thinking that it's gonna totally go up in flames.
But there's no time like the present, so let's get on with it.
That's a most prize.
One of the Devi I ports on the card actually works, and we were able to boot into windows and test out a few games.
The G text for 60 has been mentioned before on this channel.
I also discussed a wireless version of this card that came out on the wireless version.
Had antennas poking out of the top.
You could plug it into your PC and in Stream again, you were playing to another room in your house, if I remember correctly this version.
No, it's just the standard, boring traditional graphics card gimmick.
But as you can see, it's still a pretty capable card, and we will be great for those older titles on your system so it will struggle a bit when it comes to more intensive and knew at triple gains now because I was told by the previous users that it did start to smoke upon turning on their PC, I was extra cautious.
I applied new thermal paste, and it took me about two hours before I finally plucked up the courage to press the on switch on my computer.
But I'm glad I did, because it seems we have a fully working GTX for 60 though I won't be keeping it in the system too long, obviously, because off that smoking issue, but I will put it into a cheaper system running for a little bit longer, see if we see any similar issues.
So that concludes today's video.
I hope you've enjoyed the first episode of stuff sent to me.
Is that what it was called?
Stuff you sent me?
That's it.
Stuff you sent me.
If you do have any old tech or hardware to send in, drop me an email at random business enquiries at gmail dot com.
No random business enquiries at mail dot com I think they're linked to that email address is in the about section off the channel.
I've got a few emails to get through, but I'm trying to get back to all of you.
So, as always, thank you very much for watching.
I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different video.
If you did leave a light on it, leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel.
If you haven't done so already on, I'll actually be active on my second channel tomorrow.
Random car reviews where I'll have a new car of you up there off a Fiat 500 on the cheapest one in the country.
I think I think I bought the cheapest Fiat 500 in the country.
So stay tuned for that tomorrow on the second channel.
As for this channel, I'll see you very soon.
And yeah, Thank you for watching.


Stuff You Sent Me: The World's Fastest GPU of 2008 + The Smokin' Fermi 460

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