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It's been a while since I looked at a 17 inch laptop.
Don't lose some compelling.
It's a bit different.
Generally speaking, you got to get away from the bin In light design.
You get into something bulk.
You're now into powerhouse territory.
Powerhouse graphics, powerhouse price tag.
So today we're looking at the latest powerhouse from Razor.
They now have Ah, blade Pro at 17 inches, with a four K display and an R t x 2080 max.
Cue graphics card.
1 20 Hertz to 1 20 Hurts to look.
I don't know what you want to do with your artist.
If you know what in our text 2080 days, then you know what you want to do with you.
We have 1/9 Gen Intel core I 7 97 50 h six core processor that can get up to 4.5 gigahertz will do that outer space.
I got to get out of here.
Where's will all these bright lights?
He's like, How do I get out of here?
I need this.
I need this loud guy to put me down.
He's looking for some horsepower.
17.3 inch four k 1 20 hertz touch display.
So I think that model in particular is gonna attract some of the multi media people.
People more like myself.
This box in front of me is almost four grand Snow Joe.
This is a fancy toy.
We're all very aware of that.
Oh, and last thing I should mention, it's £6.
This is not ridiculously heavy for a 17 it's still it's kind of close to say a mackerel pro for Here's the power break, actually similar in size to 15 on here is the laptop.
You got the razor green.
It begins to speak.
You will matte finish on the top there, doing something with the experience, I will say magnetic on the front Magnetic with the lift.
Pretty thing for the suspect list.
The typical razor matte black finish with the green razor logo in the center.
Their approach is the minimal futuristic.
Over here we have a full size SD card slot.
I'm one of the weird ones that still likes toe Have that, but that's gonna be a thunderbolt three port.
I'm fairly certain we have a traditional USB port.
Full size h Am I out over on the other side.
Plenty more ports.
We have the tower port full size.
Either net a couple of other USB traditional style ports, another Thunderbolt three in the form of a U.
C connector and a traditional headphone jack.
Lots of port versatility.
As you'd expect on something like this.
It's a one handed lid.
The more I've looked at laptops hear them, or I kind of need that in my life.
I'm having 17 inch MacBook Pro flashbacks right now.
These large speaker grills over here in the side, the layout having all this space around a traditional keyboard without the number pad.
I'm not a finance guy.
When they put the number pad and it offsets my keyboard, I go a little.
I go a little wild.
I go a little crazy.
I'm glad that it's no number pad.
I'm glad we have a symmetrical design.
We got the quick brown fox.
No problem.
Chick lit style, not a ton of travel.
We're all well aware of this.
If you're on the gaming side, you might plug an external mechanical keyboard into it.
You might have a mouse dedicated speaker grills.
I hope these things sound Okay.
This is where speakers should be fairly large trackpad.
That doesn't look as big as it is only because of the prowess of the laptop itself.
You expect me to use prowess that okay, power switch.
The keyboard comes to life with the backlighting.
It's going to be rgb.
All right, so we are in the system now, and I have to say that's a display that is a four K touch display 17 inches.
As you can see such capable inside vessels, the laptop itself can kind of shrink a little bit this way.
Can we get a NIT count?
Will 400 brightness up to so also Windows Hello built in so you can utilize face on loss if you choose to, You probably notice there's no fingerprint scanner anywhere in the deck.
Wow, they're also saying, Ah, 100% adobe rgb color gamut.
So that's sort of plays to my original idea of this, also being an interesting laptop for creative professionals, not just gamers, the creative professional and the game, or actually somehow have a lot in common, even though their daily life might be different when it comes to the hardware, there's a lot of cross over.
So it's interesting.
I'm realizing right now this is not enough resolution to this 10 80 p from downstairs.
That's kind of the way you start to appreciate a display is when it begins to showcase to you the limitation of the video caliber.
No, they were saving up.
They've been saving up.
Everybody's been waiting for the ah ha, the Steve Jobs.
I phone one.
And so what that means is, as I get close to the phone, it already knows what I'm about to do.
And then I pick it up and it's sort of skipping the first step.
Yeah, they pay attention to the speakers.
They paid attention.
They're allowed.
It's a package.
Razor has put together a package, which is what you would hope for.
Can it compel individuals from outside the gaming sphere to be interested in a 17 inch laptop?
Maybe Willie Do is the perfect man to ask.
He's editing.
He's got a thumbnail here and there.
He needs to see the stake as it sizzles the rial fidelity, the high quality.
Are you interested?
Willie Do Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
You can take that one home.
I'll be nice.
Otis Quiet.
We're filming now.
The A eight.
Good sponsored by Ray Khan.
He's a Ray Caan's latest model of wireless earbuds called the E 25.
And as you can probably tell, they're small.
Really many people are gonna also appreciate the amount of your tips in the box for that perfect fit for your ear holes.
Break on claims that the Airbus have six hours of playtime and 24 hours of battery life with the charge in case it's also rated I P.
Weather and sweating exist.
The 25 also have a bunch of color ways to suit yourself, not to mention they're half the price of other premium wireless headbutt your butts.
Wireless your butt.
So if you're into them, you can get 15% off by clicking the link below.


Unboxing The Enormous New Razer Blade

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