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Gav: Hello. I'm Gav.
Dan: I'm Dan.
Gav: We're the Slow Mo Guys.
Doing...Giant Balloon June, still...
Dan: Such a terrible name.
Gav: I know.
I regret it.
Dan: Well, you've committed now.
Gav: This week...
is based on a video that I was sent, tweeted a few times
I think it was a gif that someone took from a video
because that's how the internet does it these days
it was a giant balloon, on a trampoline, full of water,
popping and showering some kids underneath.
Dan: So I guess I'm going to be representing the kids in this.
Gav: You can represent 2 kids,
I'll fill a balloon on top,
and hopefully, you will get absolutely annihilated by a tidal wave of water.
Dan: Just get washed away. Gav: You'll just get washed down.
Dan: Okay.
Gav: But, hopefully, you won't get crushed.
Dan: That's a good point. I might drown though, but
Gav: Although, maybe the weight of the balloon will push the trampoline on to you
Dan: Probably.
Gav: We'll see. Dan: Never mind that.
Dan: Alright
Gav: Why don't we start...
Dan: Start filling it up and I'll get under the trampoline.
Gav: Alright
*Dan takes a breath*
Getting soaked today
Okay, I'm going to take this mic off again.
Oh, no my shoes are under here.
Gav: Did they get wet?
* Laughing *
So annoying, can't believe I put them there.
Oh, I'm getting dripped on here
It's gonna be like Chinese water torture at the beginning.
Hold it
* Laughing * I told you.
* Grunts * God, it went in my eye.
Yeah, you're gonna have to be in the middle of it.
There's still some sunshine on me here.
Uhgh, that was a bad decision.
Gav: What was?
There was all these little drips like this...
...and I brushed them all and they went to one bit and just peed on me.
Gav: Oh do a voice memo under there.
Dan: Ooh
Okay. Doing a voice memo.
What's the statistics say for how waterproof the phone is?
Water resistant to how much?
Uhh, splash resistant.
Splash resistant.
Would you say this is a splash?
Yeah, it's a very big splash.
Yeah, sure alright.
Oh, that's quite nice, this.
Sort of like...
... you get about 20% of the sun, I think.
If that.
If that.
So how far down do you think it's gonna get?
Well, I think we can get it down to like my nose, here.
I reckon we can get it down to prove... if you're under here then it'll be about here, with your nose.
* Both laugh *
Every time.
Dan: Sorry. Gav: Every damn time.
Should I try and fall asleep?
So it's just like a complete surprise.
Could do.
Pretty tired, actually.
Do you want a snack or anything?
What do you want?
What do you got?
I'll have a look.
Got some, uhh, Hula Hoops, though, green ones.
What color flavor is that?
Cheese and onion
*BEEP* off
What else you got there in your hand?
Gav: Maltesers
So you *BEEP*in cheese and onion
Well this is a pretty ridiculous setup we got right now.
Dan is under the trampoline eating Hula Hoops...
Balloon is on top
Phantom looking under the trampoline
Starting to lose my mind under this
Gav: Are you?
Yeah, 'cause I can't focus on the...
...on the... surface of this.
Not with two eyes anyway.
How are the springs looking?
There's now a gap in the coils.
Oh man.
Probably about half a tonne of water on there.
The only place it's leaking is on my knob.
* Laughing * It's literally the only place it's dripping.
Actually starting to look quite unpleasant under there.
Gav: You alright? Dan: Yeah
Is it big yet it's big yet?
Uhhh. It's big.
What if I don't make it?
What if you die? Yeah.
I think, I think you won't You think so?
It's touching me now here but like leaning on me.
Oh that's some strain happening there oh
God it's pretty big
There's no room. It's literally on me here.
Ugh. See if I can make myself some room to breathe.
Ahh. It's like crushing me here.
*beatboxing noises*
What's the most squash you've ever been in your life?
school oh well I bundled with our school
well I bundled with our school
*Slows down*
Oh god
Dan: Good lord
Gav: That was quite a lot of water
That was like underwater for ages *laughing*
That was severe oh my god like God all right playing it back looks so with war Oh
dumping it's like a dunk tank doesn't even look like water it's just so solid
Oh God my feet will be a river
oh that's absolute showering it looks like one of those you know the storm
sensation do you see it like in the sea yeah it's just like a wall of water I
would like to see that through a trampoline that's in the ceiling but
there's been the biggest showerhead ever yeah I'm gonna shower head like that so
good would you enjoy that shower like that if all your showers lasted two
seconds they were like that yeah that was an absolutely gargantuan
shower. Got annihilate there. I kind of- you know what? Wasn't too bad, apart from
being crushed, I think I want one of those in my house only just go into a
room, push a button and then that happens to me. I mean, I can't say it's not
efficient. You'll never be late for work. "Oh, I need a shower!"
"I'm done." Yeah, that'd be great- yeah. If you had a big one of hot air as well you'd
be-. Amazed. Oh, you know what would be good? Is not telling people that that's what
was happening. Like, if I was all like "can I borrow your shower?" "Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Just go in there." "I
hope you won't-" Surely, if you weren't expecting that, you would just be knocked on your ass. I probably would.
Yeah. Well that was a great shower. Er.. shout out to whoever sent us that video back in
the day . Was probably years ago at this point. 'Cause I can't remember who it was, but if you sent
us that clip or that gif or whatever: Cheers!
We finally got around to shooting it. And I- I'm surprised you actually see under a trampoline.
Yeah. That's good work, actually. With a France and decent
Feel free to follow us on Twitter. Thank you for watching Giant Balloon June. Ow!
We'll see you in the next video.


Showered by a Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys 4K

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