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All right, You guys gonna think this is weird?
I know you're looking at this boxer like glue.
But honestly, I had to do this.
It's been a while that I've been using this product safely.
Say, this is one of my best gadget purchases of all time.
I had to make a video you needed to know about it.
It saved me, man.
It has really changed.
It's changed my life.
This product, it changed my life.
Jack is called the Electoral fan, and in case you can't tell yet it is a sleep machine.
Not a problem falling asleep.
But I didn't know what I was missing until I used this thing right here has white, pink and brown noise.
10 varieties of ambient sound.
And what that does is it masks noise disturbances.
So when the room is like too quiet, any kind of little noise that's happening around, whether it's consciously or subconsciously, you pick up on that bust out asleep just a little bit.
This particular noise machine, which is very popular in Amazon four and 1/2 stars for people who have used it and, like 8000 reviews, people care.
They're not wrong, I promise you, it turns out that for you individually, a particular frequency might work best.
When you start to go through the various options in here, you find the tone that works for you.
You pop it open.
This is the unit.
This is the power.
It's a simple USB power brick that they give you a relatively long U S B cable.
Like so I'm gonna pop this open.
It's a relatively simple design.
There's a 60 minute timer.
You have fan sounds on the one side, and white noise is on the other.
And there's also a volume control over here.
I have no affiliation relationship with this company.
This is just me.
This is just really life.
All right, let's plug this in.
I'm gonna show you what it's about.
Get ready to relax.
A little meditative session year, which look at that straight out the gate.
Ladies and gentlemen, just listen here.
I'm gonna hit the mama.
Turn the volume up.
For your sake, you can see it can get quite loud.
Surprisingly now let's just live for a middle of just soak it up, okay?
We're on a mountain.
Were in Tibet I know there's those of you out there that are like, I don't get it blue I could just get a fan.
What's the big deal over here?
I'll tell you what the deal is.
It's low frequency.
Who in that realm?
It's a simulation of the experience in the womb as a as a as an unborn fetus.
I don't know if that's true or not, but so much so that when I toggle this thing on sleep is happening.
I hit the button.
Ka boom, I'm out.
It's over now if I go over here to the fans sound, but we'll cycle through a few of them.
No thanks.
Not for me.
This is more for Willie.
Do thistles like an airplane cabin.
That's a higher pitch to win.
Now, everybody's ears are gonna function a little differently.
You may have hearing loss in certain frequencies.
Most of us have some degree of it.
So you're gonna cycle through here?
You may even try a couple different sounds when you're sleeping.
Until you find that one night buttery, smooth situation.
This'd is kind of like a car ride.
Ladies and gentlemen, would you look at that?
You're tapping in to the frequency of the universe.
Its security.
It's relax ation.
Okay, so that's the end.
So this also is capable of delivering white noise, brown noise and pink noise.
This is white noise.
I assume this'll is doable like this right here.
Before I made the investment of Balinese, I was using every kind of app that existed on my phone.
A phone speaker?
It doesn't look like this, Jack.
It's not this big.
So the low frequency was suffering.
And on top of that, the looping where my I can actually pick up on the audio file loop point in some of those abs.
Almost every ab I could pick up the audio file loop point and it would drive me crazy when I started to recognize it.
One of those things.
Once you see it, you can't un see this guy somehow know Lou Point into the white noise is here.
This one is getting too much into the high frequency for me.
Same here on now we're just into, like, television static and then back to the end.
I'm Maurine the fan space.
Obviously, as I told you, this is my favorite tone right here.
milky smooth.
I love it.
It's imperative.
Honestly, at this point, do not sleep the same without it.
I noticed myself getting up more frequently.
This thing in front of me is one of my favorite gadget purchases ever.
It's like 49 bucks, and I feel like every bedroom should have won this electoral fan tried and true.
There's so few gadgets that I love this much.


You NEED This Simple $50 Gadget

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