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  • first we gotta think our sponsor And of course, that is Course Aaron, the Corsair One high performance desktop PC.

  • The I won 40.

  • I won 60 and I won 80 to be found in the link description Blow.

  • Okay, so ever hear it in video here at C S, 2019 and you may have seen the other day I put out a tweet saying that in video is doing some validating on adaptive sink panels and not just because the technology is there.

  • If it could be leveraged, unused and opening a panel options to more gamers and buyers, that's a great thing.

  • So they're kind of going through this validation process where they've tested do this at over 400 panels at the moment.

  • And I think 12 was the number that was found to be, like, compatible enough to put the adaptive sink compatibility nomenclature on there.

  • They really kind of widened and relax the restrictions of what they would consider to be inspect for Geesink compared to the very stringent testing to do in their own Geesink technologies.

  • So we've kind of relaxed the standard, if you will.

  • But what we have here are two displays that kind of show.

  • Why they can't just slap a wide labeled, you know, adaptive sink compatible on everything.

  • Because not everything is what we've got.

  • Right here is an ultra white panel.

  • We've got the brand covered for obvious reasons.

  • I'm not going.

  • I'm sure you could find somewhere out there on YouTube someone that may have been brazen enough to remove the adhesive on that.

  • So Well, we've got right here with Battlefield five running.

  • Of course, it's in HD our title and this is not HDR panels, just an ultralight.

  • But as you can see right now, we've got some flickering that's going on right here is a completely black flickering.

  • It's completely F p s dependent as well.

  • So the rich why you don't see it right now where we're looking up here, The sky is because the frame rate is so high.

  • So it's just an example of what can happen here.

  • If you were Thio, turn on Geesink with a G Force product on ah adaptive sink panel that's not been validated.

  • You get this sort of obviously negative effects.

  • That's why you can't just randomly say all of them are compatible.

  • We'll be out of here now is an HD our panel and what I'm showing right here is is going very hard to pick this up on camera.

  • But there's there's a lot of things happening here.

  • There's some color banding happening in the sky, which obviously shouldn't be having HDR.

  • It's kind of the point of HDR.

  • You've got a much wider, um, brightness levels you can deal with and the high dynamic range that's supposed to give you much better.

  • Grady INTs and stuff were born of HDR extreme brightness.

  • You have better contrast between the lights and the darks, the clouds Right here though we are, this isn't gonna be picked up on camera.

  • You just take my word for it.

  • But when you move around, the clouds actually have this kind of a trailing shadow behind it.

  • And again, that's just because of the fact that there is.

  • It's called Overdrive artifact ing, where it's just kind of overshooting where the color target's supposed to be, and then it's readjusting itself, and its it's out of sync with the frame rate is you're moving around.

  • But we also found this by accident, actually, so if you come over here.

  • We'll just get this one set up.

  • We're gonna go this other panel here for a second to as we turn around.

  • If you right click or aimed down sight on the gun, you can see nothing really happens.

  • That's normal.

  • As you expect.

  • We're kind of focusing on this corner right here.

  • The brightness all states the same.

  • But check out what happens on this panel as we came down the site, leave the exposure.

  • There's this crazy weirdness happening here in terms of exposure where it's just brightening up the whole scene.

  • Asshole, You actually see, like the shadows and everything everywhere, just as a whole comes up.

  • So there's some sort of weird formula algorithmic thing going on, which is another reason why this is not a validated panel.

  • So we're seeing ah, good attempt and a good stride here, moving forward in terms of better compatibility between adaptive sink panels.

  • But I thought this was an important piece to talk about one to let you know that you may or may not have a compatible panel they are doing testing on that, but also the importance of why this type of testing has to take place.

  • So I think you could expect the list of panels that air adapted or adaptive seamed panels that are compatible with G Force products and Geesink in the future.

  • So obviously guys have to say you were the ground from video to see what that is.

  • But they've got this demo here that was definitely worth taking.

  • A look at that kind of letting, you know we're getting we're getting somewhere, but it's a slow, painful process.

  • But once again, guys a huge thank you to Corsair for sending us to C.

  • E.

  • S 2019 and brought to you by the new course there.

  • One desktop.

  • Check it out in the link in description blow, and it always will see you in a couple of minutes.

first we gotta think our sponsor And of course, that is Course Aaron, the Corsair One high performance desktop PC.


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