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Good morning, everybody.
My work since I was six to achieve is to find creative means off solving water, sanitation, energy on indication problems in developing countries, especially my country Nigeria.
We have a waste problem.
We have mountains of refuse around.
We are huge off Panama with isn't about your in Nigeria.
Abuja, this is septic tank illegals Nigeria.
As you can see, aesthetic tank close to someone's room on the Syrian is being diverted into the drainage this country takes sewage is also deposited into the lock on the legal slag on this is the same.
What I were using purifying professor seawater forgetting drinking water into homes.
We have drainage pipes, drainage canal.
This dream's going out this same parts.
In which do you remember what our pipes pass into homes?
Now we can ask ourselves thought provoking questions.
I'd be creative reason which you can solve this problem are these sustainable technologies that are locally adaptable.
I had a reason which we can have all these problems now we could build Bargas plants.
What are the bad guys plan to convert this waste into green alternative energy.
We could also convert this septic tanks to produce bar gusto.
Rotterdam Polluting the environment.
We could also produce small skill Bargas plants in schools, so the kids to educate them about sanitation.
You know, empire in the younger generation to do the right thing to do.
Then we have a bar.
Guys, these are students watching the ball, guys bonding.
So it's possible.
Forced to have a new world, a new world were by.
We could look up all the wastes produced green energy to run palms and provide clean water We could have about yours.
They'll provide energy to produce electricity.
Tyrone factories.
We could do great things we could solve.
Problems is very possible.
That can be done.
Thank you.
IBM is underwritten The filming of the Ted Fellows talks.
Each fellow talks for four minutes about the work that they do or an idea we're spreading.
And because of IBM, they now have the opportunity to be considered for ted dot com.
IBM is all of our innovation, not just the innovation we do within the company, but the innovation way work with other people and organizations to do.
Ted fellows really encourages that encourages people to take their ideas matching, executing it on.
That's a great marriage to be able to drive the next wave of change on advancement.
Ted Global We have a demonstration called Edison of the Smart on intelligent generation of energy.
Future of how energy would be produced and consumed by sources such as conventional power generation plants, solar energy, renewable sources of energy, wind, Andi, consumers of any sort of electric cars, solving the problems that affect society to require it differently thinking and a different way of coming up with solutions.
IBM is initiative around.
Smarter Planet is looking at the biggest problems we have water, infrastructure, medicine, et cetera on terror has provided a venue to get all the thinkers of the world together and work with IBM.


Olatunbosun Obayomi -- Has a solution for Nigeria's waste

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