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elite your help to save the life of my daughter here, Livy.
Hillary has epilepsy, which causes her recurrent, unprovoked seizures at random times, perhaps a few times a month or as much as several times today.
Her brain says so and and control the purse off electrical impulses.
For some with epilepsy, that just cost us a momentary loss of focus, almost unnoticeable.
But here we has what is called one mouse seizures, and for her it's as though she has a hurricane use high overhead.
Suddenly, with no warning, she loses consciousness, her name Steven, and she falls on the ground like a plank of wood.
Imagine what that means for her life and what that means.
Toe apparent or care giver.
Hillary is now 19 years old.
She has never cook a meal because it's too dangerous.
She will never hold a baby.
You ever drive a car?
We watched her closely at all times.
Too often she's collapsed and force on the ground.
On the corner, off a piece of furniture, we don't stare like walk without someone holding her unless she's raving a helmet.
People stay at her, wondering why she's wearing a helmet.
Epilepsy can't get better over time before some.
The symptoms never improve.
For those people, it's terrifying and you're isolating.
We are always We're worried about her, but Hiro is actually lucky.
She lives in a wealthy advance city with wonderful medical help and educational assistance.
She leaves your time where technological advances that was significantly enhance her life owned the horizon.
I believe that technology, innovation and the little imaginations can save Hero that it's not her then other generations off epileptic Children.
Some 50 million peoples around the world lived with epilepsy.
That's the population off South Career Coast 0 80% off people lift with epilepsy.
Actually, gin low or middle income countries and coast 01 out off 26 people in the United States actually suffered from epilepsy or recurring seizures at some point in their lives.
Statistically, that means they're about 19 people in this auditorium having this problem.
Some are fortunate enough to get a warning signal of any impending seizures, a strange taste, speech impairment or and at normal muscle motion that gives them enough time to take precautionary measures, lie down and stay safe.
That's may show good response to medication in their treatment.
But here is epilepsy provides no warning signals, and it's resistant to medication.
We have tried everything given acupuncture, but there's another complication.
Something called sudden, unexpected death in epilepsy or suit up.
Some epileptic suffers for no apparent reason, often in their sleep suddenly died despite even in good health, so that risk increases as the patient's wish at all.
Who that means the clock is taking for my daughter.
So every night when I put Hilary's too bad, I'm never quite sure I will see her life again.
I do the very best.
I came for her.
Still, I cannot keep her safe ever.
But I'm trying.
I'm standing here before you because I have a vision for the future.
One wears technology, keeps my daughter safe.
Today we can monitor here we spring activity by putting a cap full off elect, choose and senses onto her head in a Tesco electro answer for LA Giving or E e.
For short.
The problem is that she cannot move freely doing this examination, because all these statues and senses are connected by wires to an amplifier and a recorder, even a small movement off ahead well produce noise in the signal poor sensor connection and reduce Zachary's try.
Putting a small child motion as in bed for hours at a time is quite a challenge.
There's also a special jail that put into the cab to improve the signal.
Look what the sticky child did to her hair style after the test.
Less Imagine that we can print all these your natural sand senses on toe off, structurally fitting, fashionable head or cap, and that we could connect all these satchels and senses through a super fast wireless network so that all data Collette could be upload in real time because she was happening in here.
Every spring, a shoot leaves for it.
80 lives.
What a difference you would make as humorous goes through it.
80 Lives wearing her stylish cap at with meaning it regular chores and senses data is being sent used to leave toe a computer ish using artificial intelligences toe.
Analyze the pattern of a bring waves.
Suddenly it has a season's eminent and send out an urgent warning to hero and her can't give us that gives her enough time to step away from the dangerous situation.
Won't bystander what's goingto happen and how to help and lie down so that she's safe from physical you.
Let's take this one step further.
What give we can't detain an oncoming sheesh is and you step off, just manage it.
Actually, people handed, that's what a pacemaker it us for hut and what give?
We could detect an oncoming seizures and send a post over the trick city that would be set.
A brain takes about to be engulfed in an electrical storm and stop their storm in his tracks.
Scientists and medical professionals of working on such a device Vegas enough stimulation or V and S consists of a device surgically placed under the patients Call upon you and this device says regular mild electrical posters to the brain through the vagus nerve, hoping to reduce the currents off seasons or at this, make them less a few.
This is the picture off the device with a penny against it, so that we can illustrate the size off.
This is a big device, so the surgery to impound it it's goingto hurt Hillary, and it's Petraeus last for only about 3 to 8 years.
That means my thought we have to be cut open regularly with all the associate of pain and Reese or for questionable benefit and won't give miniature precision.
This device and the battery last for 20 years.
If you could make the electronics inside this device Maur integrate and consume less power.
Maybe we could just put this device directly onto the e e g CAPP like an external hearing aid.
What, then?
One day as a separate unit.
You know, mission in materials engineering also brings new possibilities.
New materials might make this device more doable.
Oh, more comfortable to wear electronics.
Matthew, is that we developed.
I keep this device cool even at yes, once very hot.
With many electronics inside.
New materials are the key Building blocks toe are not this new future.
If we could make this divisive and more affordable, we can put it into tens of thousands off patients and you sing big data analytics and cognitive learning to figure out how to make it even work better.
Perhaps Then one day we could understand the mystery off suit up and apple APS this spring problem will just become a miner invitation that you see a city fixed while that, then the lifelong challenge it is today.
So for those off you in this room who are directly or indirectly working to advanced technology building high speed five Jean network developing a principle you electronics making tiny semiconductor chips even smaller.
I think about how your work can bring benefits beyond faster, don't know better gadgets or a more powerful computing systems.
That's how a now thing about my work and it gives me hope and knowledge, that technology we'll help here, Toby.
It's life better and safer.
I also have another hope.
One steak.
Oh, Beyonce, Kill Avi and beyond epilepsy advances in technology is on making get possible for people with different kinds off Charlies and problems to lead normal lives.
No longer row days feel isolated and marginalized no longer, but they live in the shadow.
Afraid ashamed Hugh Mediate and they screwed.
And when that happens, our world will be a much more diverse and inclusive place.
A better place for off us to live so less work together, toe Make this magic of reality toe help save the life off my daughter.
Hell, Avi and the lives off mean years off other sons and daughters around the world.


How tech is creating new hope for epilepsy patients | Andrew Ho | TED Institute

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