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Hello world, where I'm from in Japan,
this is what Japanese Valentines chocolates are like.
So, how did you get these? Where are these from?
uhm..these is from my friends.
And are they from all the boys?
No. All girls.
Did you get any chocolates or treats from boys?
Because, like, the boys, ah there's two boys that I'm friend, but..
they're kinda sick and than they couldn't give it to me
So I..I still didn't have, I still didn't get it, but..
I think they gonna give it to me..
who did you give gifts to?
I give gifts to all these girls.
All these, uhm..that have given me presents.
And how many girls was that?
I got it from..
10 girls
Do you get like cards and all that stuff..what is this?
Well, this is just like uhm- chocolate for friends.
And then you call it tomo-choco(友チョコ)
Tomo is like tomodachi and Tomodachi means friend.
And choco is just chocolate. So, friend chocolate.
Do you have cards like Christmas? Do you have cards for people? No.
No? No. Ohh.
Do you just buy these at the store? No, it's all made.
It's all made? Yeah. They all made it.
By hand? Yeah.
How do you know who give gifts to? Uhm- you can just give it to your friends or people that you want to give it to.
You can give it to anybody.
What happens if like you give it to a friend but another friend doesn't give it back?
Our friend gives you something but you didn't make something for them. How do you know?
Well, there is Wh- White Day and it's on March 14.
And then you give it back like if i didn't give it to this girl but this girl will give it to me.
I give it back on White Day.
Who gives more gifts? The girls or the boys, what do you think?
Uhm- the girls- girls like making it and giving it like they love that
Boys they just like- I don't think they make it but they just like- some people doesn't even do it.
Or some people just may give us the money and then give it to people but- yeah.
Can you open some of these? and show us what they look like? Okay.
Oh..that's a heart! They're a cookie?
Uhm..it's kind of a chocolate brownie thing.
And it's called makurokurosuke and then she loves Totoro- the movie My Neighbor Totoro.
So she loves this so she mean it.
That's pretty cool! Wow. Okay. Thanks!
Can I show all of it? Yeah, sure.
Bunny! That's a cool bunny~
What did you made for people? Uh..so I made this- How did you make that?
Well, I can kind of uhm- follow the recipe of my mom like eggs and sugar stuff and stuffs to make a cake and you uhm- bake it and it's done.
Did you get to boys and girls? Not- yeah boys just 2 friends.
Did you want them to be your boyfriends?
Oh. Just friends. Oh, okay.
Do you give one to your teacher?
Uhh..we are not allowed to bring food to school.
Oh, so then how did you get all of this tomo-chocos if you didn't get them at school?
This is after school like everybody goes to their houses and give it- yeah.
So it's kinda like trick or treating except you're delivering candy instead of going to your house to get candy.
Uhh..well kinda like that.
How does Adult's Valentines Day and White Day work?
Uhm..well, I heard the boys give it to the girls on White Day and girls give it to boys on Valentine's Day.
I have one last question. Uhm..Why are you wearing a mask? Are you gonna do some surgery?
No. I'm kinda sick.
Thanks for watching! See you next time! Bye~
What Valentine's Day like where you're from?
and how much chocolate did you get? Bye~
And this is the choco that I got and this is from my sister-in-law and have a box full of these.
And this is from my wife- aiko's mommy.
And this is from my mother-in-law, she gave me this box. So, I got chocolates too!


Figuring Out Valentine's Day in Japan

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