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if I had one piece of advice to give to someone who's about to give a talk, I would say to practice talking slower than you would actually do it and then you'll have a bit of a range to not talk really fast, but not talk really So and you'll find that perfect balance as long as they are readers willing to devote themselves to any story.
The packaging doesn't really matter.
So remember, don't forget to read.
It's so much.
Have your shoulders open and relax, and it would make the audience know that you are ready to give your talk and that you know what you're talking about.
We are the generation of problem solvers we can come up with better in your solutions and its start.
Simply leave your words on the stage so that the audience can soak it in once the conference or your talkers over.
So be passionate, be emotional and just just bring the fire.
My walk, my talk, my swagger, my collar, poppet, my kicks so sick even Jack of MIT couldn't get with.
If I have one piece of advice, it would be to have fun to literally just make it as personal as you can treat it like a conversation.
Treat it like you're having a conversation with the crowd every time you hear someone being talked down to or taking advantage of your going to make a decision.
And that role you choose with the final and ultimately to find us all really have a stage presence on.
To use the full extent of the stage on really connect with every single member of the audience.
It's really a golden era for innovation.
And so the question I asked all of you today is, Why wait together?
Waken Build the future Today connect with the audience is heart.
I think that's important.
That's when people listen is when you peel to the part of them that is human.
That is emotional.
I trust blindly and I love unconditionally.
And I held my sister's hand in that hospital even though I had no idea what would happen.
Imagine that you've already given the dark and people are applauding and sharing for you, which makes you give a more confident that would allow you all do in bubble a new generation to go faster than any generation ever has.
Thank you so much.


TED Ed and Adobe's Project 1324 - Seven Ways to Perfect Your Public Speaking

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