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  • What kind of a person are you? Are you always happy like me? Or are you always complaining

  • and crying about certain things? We are going to find out that in this lesson. Yes we are

  • going to analyse your personality and not only that; you will also learn some interesting

  • idioms that you can use to talk about your personality type. So stay with me. My name

  • is Michelle and let’s start with the first phrase here.

  • Cry baby. What do you think this phrase might be? Does it talk about a person who is happy?

  • No it talks about a person, who is sad or maybe crying. We are not just talking about

  • crying with tears. We are also talking about complaining here, yes that's the focus. So

  • if you know a person, who is always complaining then you can of course use this idiom for

  • them that they are or he or she is a cry baby. And if youre also scared about not complaining

  • at your work place. Maybe you feel that you are a cry baby, you will be looked upon as

  • a cry baby then you can talk about it to your friends also that I don't want to keep complaining,

  • because I don't want to be looked upon as a cry baby. So please refrain from complaining

  • too much. Complaining here.

  • Here we are at the next phrase.Barrel of laugh.What is barrel? It's here for you, this is a barrel,

  • yes it's like a container inside which there is something. But for this case, what is inside

  • that barrel? There is laughter; yes it talks about a person who is very, very funny. I

  • also have a friend like that, whom I always see she always makes me laugh really, really

  • about everything, she jokes and her expressions they are just so funny that even if she's

  • talking about something very casual. She really makes me laugh and I keep telling her, youre

  • such a barrel of laugh. Somebody who’s very funny. But over the years the use of this

  • term has slightly changed. This also may refer to a person, who is a bit annoying with their

  • jokes. People who crack slightly poor jokes, they don't really make you laugh they are

  • trying to be funny, but they're not successful at it and you don't laugh at it so much. So

  • those people can also be called as a barrel of laugh. It's your choice, you can use it

  • for a person who’s really funny or maybe you can use it for a person, who tries to

  • be funny. Slightly annoying for you, annoying means that person irritates you maybe.

  • Coming to the third one, cheap stake. What do I mean by cheap? Something that does not

  • cost us too much money. This is all related to money. Do you know any person this, who's

  • very rich? I know a couple they are very rich like really super rich, but the man whenever

  • they go for shopping like the couple. The man would always look for the cheapest thing,

  • because he's stingy. That's his character, let's not judge him, whatever he likes. But

  • that's how he is, so we have a word for people who are stingy, we have an idiom for them

  • and that is cheap stake. People who are stingy.

  • With this we come to the next idiom, Odd ball. Odd, do you know about odd and even numbers?

  • What are the odd numbers? 2, 4, no, 1, 3 yes the numbers that are not in same order. That's

  • what odd means. Somebody who does not fit well in the surroundings that person, who

  • is very strange. Please don't mix it with stingy, stingy is a person who does not like

  • to spend money and strange is a person, who does unexpected things or who has really strange

  • ideas. Has anyone ever told you to add salt to your desert? That person is an odd ball.

  • Yes very, very strange, coz nobody would want to do that, If you now anyone like that, you

  • can always say in a very funny and light way that youre an odd ball. Ball yes ball for

  • you strange person. We have another word for strange and that is weird.

  • Moving forth to the next one, Trouble maker. Do you know anybody who causes trouble? Who

  • is the first person to cause trouble in a party maybe or when youre in a meeting?

  • That person will have unwanted questions just to trouble everybody and to waste time. That

  • person is called a trouble maker. There's another idiom for that person and that is,

  • Class clown. Clown means somebody who's a joker. Why do we use this term? Because these

  • people who are trouble makers also make us laugh sometimes, so that's why we can also

  • call them class clown. Either it can be someone who makes you angry and also laugh, because

  • of their stupid activities.

  • The next one here, Dare devil. Dare means somebody to take some risk that's what daring

  • means to take a risk or to do an activity that involves some risk. And devil I'm sure

  • you already know, If you know a person, who thinks that it is thrilling to drive in a

  • rash manner then that person is a dare devil. Because they are not afraid and they want

  • to take risks just for the fact that it's enjoying, they enjoy taking risk. For that

  • reason they take dangerous risks. Dare devil, people who take risks.

  • Now we move on to the next one, Old as the hills. How old are the hills? Do you know?

  • They are so old that even we don't know, maybe you know centuries and they were formed when

  • the earth began. They are so old. Do you know anyone who's like the oldest person in your

  • family? My grandpa is, he's very old. He's 90, which you know what? He loves driving

  • even at this age. He's dare devil too. I must say that, but he's still as old as the hills.

  • This is also a simile that you can use, As old as the hills, because we are using two

  • as here. I hope I can be like my grandpa, when I'm ninety, someone who is very old.

  • The last phrase, Nutty as a fruit cake. What does the fruit cake have? It has a lot of

  • nuts, which are crunchy and cranky. Can you relate to the word cranky? Yes cranky. Cranky

  • is a person, who is very crazy and who has crazy ideas. They are fun also, you like to

  • be around them because they are crazy and they do activities, which are thrilling and

  • exciting. But please remember, Nutty as a fruit cake is very different from dare devil.

  • They take, you know they get into dangerous thing and they take risks. But nutty as a

  • fruit cake these people do not take risks, but they do crazy activities. Like you know

  • just dancing, having fun and enjoying. Those are the kind of people, who are called nutty

  • as a fruit cake.

  • With this we come to an end of this lesson. Now you have a lot of idioms to talk about

  • the people around you, but my challenge to you is, choose one of these idioms and write

  • in the comments, which idiom suits you best. I'm not going to tell you the one that's suits

  • me best. Maybe I'm nutty as a fruit cake. What about you? Do leave me your comment.

  • Thank you so much for staying with me. See you very soon with another video. Till then

  • you take care. Bye, bye.

What kind of a person are you? Are you always happy like me? Or are you always complaining


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