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  • ...Fields medalist is Cedric Villani.

  • Meet Cedric Villani, a flamboyant mathematician,

  • who has emerged as the unlikely challenger

  • to France's ruling party, La Republique En Marche.

  • Villani is running against his own party

  • in a fratricide battle to become mayor of Paris.

  • He wants to wrestle it from the socialists, who

  • have held the key posts for almost 20 years.

  • Villani became one of Emmanuel Macron's first and seemingly

  • harmless supporters when the movement

  • was created three years ago.

  • He served for two years as an MP and advised the government

  • on artificial intelligence.

  • Now the quirky scientist and his team

  • are on a journey to change his image

  • and use his skills towards a new political goal.

  • A month into his official campaign, Villani

  • is already hitting 15 per cent in the polls,

  • just behind the socialist incumbent,

  • Anne Hidalgo and En Marches' Benjamin Griveaux.

  • Villani believes he is the true keeper of En Marche's

  • grassroots values, but critics say

  • that he risks dividing the En Marche vote.

  • But however warm the welcome might be,

  • Villani has yet to prove that he can put together

  • a realistic plan for Paris.

  • Villani wants us to think that we're

  • seeing Emmanuel Macron's presidential campaign

  • all over again.

  • Whether he can pull it off and win over the capital

  • is yet to be demonstrated.

...Fields medalist is Cedric Villani.


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エマニュエル・マクロンに挑むフランスの数学者、セドリック・ヴィラニ氏を紹介|FT (Meet Cédric Villani, the French mathematician defying Emmanuel Macron | FT)

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