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  • It's speaking in Chinese, so cool!

  • Staff: Do you have [boarding pass]?

  • *moment of relief*

  • Now, that was a bit scary.

  • Couldn't find my boarding pass for a second, but we found it. Now, we're on our way.

  • *music*

  • Staff: Welcome abroad!

  • *music*

  • Cool, they're giving out pillows!

  • I got a pillow.

  • Look, so nice!

  • She's giving cold medicine to a passenger, so nice!

  • So the plane is actually pretty good

  • I'm impressed. We [weren't] able to fit our bag in the upper luggage compartment,

  • and a lady took it to the back for us,

  • and said that if we ever needed it, she would get it for us,

  • which is really, really nice.

  • It's just super friendly overall, so I have to give it a five.

  • And for amenities, you get a blanket, pillow and earphones. Just basic for economy

  • So I give it a three

  • *music*

  • *music*

  • *thumbs up!*

  • You know, when we first walked in, they had a business class [and] have a proper seat that have a screen,

  • they have charging for [your] AC outlet, but then we went to the economy side and they had screens.

  • They had a USB charger. The headphone jack, it was not like two headphone jacks,

  • where you have to use your special headphones.

  • You can use actually use your iPhone headphones(earpods), which is pretty nice.

  • For economy seats, it's quite spacious and comfortable,

  • so I give it a five.

  • *music*

  • *music*

  • Paolo, pointing: Can I get this one?

  • It's soft and juicy. It's pretty good.

  • *music*

  • Paolo: What kind of beers do you have?

  • ???

  • Great beer options, actually tasty food, nothing to really [to] complain about but I'm just going to give it a four,

  • since I'm hoping there's a five out there somewhere

  • *music*

  • Touchscreen, newest movies, also they have multiplayer games.

  • Michael and I enjoyed playing [tetris] together on this flight. Mobile phones are okay to use as well

  • It's got everything, and I have nothing else to ask for, so I'm going to give it a five

  • Economy doesn't offer the lounge access, so I've skipped it for this review.

  • Now, overall looks like a pretty good experience. The staff are pretty friendly, no complaints even in economy this time around.

  • I haven't flown ANA in a while, but I think even for these short flights [like] three hours and 50 minutes

  • [Economy's] pretty good, so I'm definitely recommending

  • *many thanks*

  • We're off!

  • Think we're like the last people off of this

  • Our stuff got stuck at behind to go anyways no worries. They're made in the philippines

  • Now we got a catch an uber and get to the hotel.

It's speaking in Chinese, so cool!


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ANAエコノミー便レビュー - IS IT WORTH IT? (ANA Economy Flight Review - IS IT WORTH IT?)

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