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  • ANDREW>> Hi, Mr. Carson? cARSON>> Yes.

  • ANDREW>> Hi, pleasure to meet you... Andrew Smith.

  • cARSON>> Oh, Andrew Smith...great. I've been looking forward to meeting you. Please,

  • have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Andrew, it certainly is a pleasure finally meeting

  • you. We got a chance to take a look at that application, and I gotta tell you, very thorough

  • job on the application and that's what got you here today. We have limited interview

  • slots, and we saw that and we said, "You know, we wnat to find out more about this guy."

  • ANDREW>> Yeah, just got me back later about that, you've got my number. Sup, bro?

  • cARSON>> Um, I was expecting a job interview. ANDREW>> Oh, that's me. Andy Smith.

  • cARSON>> You're Andy Smith? ANDREW>> Yep.

  • cARSON>> Oh, okay Andy. I'm Mr. Carson. One of the things on the application that

  • we didn't have room to list there were references, uh, do you have something with you?

  • ANDREW>> Yes, I took the liberty of printing out my CV, along with my references and there

  • is contact information for each of those.

  • CARSON>> Thank you every much, and this uh, gives us a good picture into your professional

  • qualifications, and that's uh, very good. You've got all of your job experience listed

  • here. ANDREW>> Yep, this my uh... this is my resume.

  • CARSON>> That's uh... is that a typo? ANDREW>> Yeah, you know what? My girlfriend

  • was just playing a joke on me, it's alright. Don't worry about it.

  • CARSON>> Well, before we begin talking about some of the nuts and bolts of the day to

  • day about your job, and we'll get into that, I wanted to ask you if you had any other questions

  • about the position, or some of the things involved in the work you might be doing. Well,

  • actually ANDREW>> I've done research about the company

  • already, and I understand that the compnay is very stable

  • and it's been around since 1890, and I'm just curious about the opportunities of growth

  • within the company.

  • CARSON>> Uh, there's a lot of growth opportunity here at Monolithic. And one of the the things

  • that we pride ourselves on is the fact that you can

  • start at any position you want. If you like it,

  • we're find with you staying there. But, if you want to grow with the company, there's

  • plenty of room at the top. And I started at the very same

  • position that you're applying for right now. So,

  • there is room for growth. CARSON>> Let me ask you, uh, before we get

  • started in the day to day nuts & bolts of the position,

  • do you have any questions about what you would be doing?

  • ANDREW>> Um, how much do I get paid, and how often do I get paid?

  • CARSON>> Well, as with anything, it's sort of early in the process to be talking about

  • the salary right now.

  • So Andrew, you're uh, really familiar with the job qualifications that are required,

  • the job description, but let me ask you this: looking

  • over this, what are the qualities that you possess that would make you stand out in the

  • position that you're applying for? ANDREW>> I'm organized, I work well with others,

  • I'm a team player, I'm a self starter, and I take initiative.

  • CARSON>> The fact that you're a self starter, that's good, that works very well. So, let's

  • move on to a couple of other things. Given the job,

  • the repsonsibilities of the job, what do you think are

  • going to be your standout qualities that are going to make you really shine at that job

  • that you're applying for?

  • ANDREW>> Well, you just saw me, I'm really good at texting; phone skills, I'm really

  • good. CARSON>> Yeah, I saw evidence of that, that's

  • good. Uh, this again, this was great meeting you,

  • and it certainly is very thorough information, but before we go, were there any other questions

  • that you had, uh, about your job? ANDREW>> I'm actually very eager to fill the

  • position, and I was wondering when it is that I can

  • start? CARSON>> I like that attitude. Here's what

  • we're going to do: we've got a couple more meetings this

  • afternoon, you'll probably be hearing from us sometime tomorrow, you can count on that.

  • We'll get in touch with you, we've got your contact information,

  • we've got your references listed here. So, we'll

  • be in touch shortly, and it certainly was a pleasure meeting you.

  • ANDREW>> Thank you, Mr. Carson. CARSON>> And uh, I guess one last thing, before

  • we wrap things up, did you have any other questions

  • about Monolithic Bank, or.. ANDREW>> Just, when do I start?

  • CARSON>> It's a little early to be talking about your job here..

  • ANDREW>> My job? Thank you, you won't regret this!

  • CARSON>> Hey, but I didn't... I didn't offer you the job!

ANDREW>> Hi, Mr. Carson? cARSON>> Yes.


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