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  • NARRATOR: Abydos, Egypt.

  • Here, in one of the world's oldest cities,

  • lie the ruins of the Osiris hall, the place where,

  • thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians

  • would come to worship Osiris, the god of the afterlife.

  • God Osiris was the most important god in ancient Egypt.

  • He was the god of good, and the god

  • that would lead you to immortality in the afterlife.

  • And that's what ancient Egyptian kings and pharaohs cared

  • about the most, to reach immortality

  • in the afterlife with the powers that Osiris have.

  • Osiris is a god, the ruling god, an otherworldly

  • being in Egyptian lore.

  • And he has a jealous brother, Seth, who

  • kills him and dismembers him.

  • Isis, devoted wife to Osiris, is able to piece him back together

  • like a robot, like Frankenstein, and breathe life back into him

  • by way of a magical incantation.

  • When I hear stories of someone being dismembered

  • into multiple pieces, and then they're

  • trying to find the pieces and then put him back together,

  • and then they magically come back to life,

  • I wonder whether or not the Osiris

  • story is, in fact, the story of a machine that was taken apart.

  • So you have to wonder, what type of technology

  • did they have access to?

  • On the walls of the Osiris chapel, the temple of Seti,

  • we see a very powerful representation

  • of the head of Osiris.

  • It clearly resembles some kind of a mechanical device.

  • When we look at it and compare it to a Tesla coil,

  • we can see that they're virtually identical devices.

  • The Tesla coil is an electrical transformer.

  • NARRATOR: An electrical transformer?

  • Is it possible that the Egyptian god

  • Osiris was not merely a mythological god,

  • but a humanoid robot?

  • And not only a robot, but one of extraterrestrial origin?

  • From the most ancient times, there

  • has been a legend of that which we call

  • a golem, an artificial life form which

  • came from inanimate material and came alive.

  • The golem was created through a means of an ancient technology

  • known by [inaudible] magicians, Moses,

  • the rabbis of the Talmud, and the later rabbis

  • of the Kabbalah in Europe.

  • They brought life into it through a magical technique

  • of putting the name of God in the forehead that the creature.

  • And the golem came to life, and was a fierce warrior

  • and protected the people.

  • DAVID CHILDRESS: Golem was useful for a while,

  • but then it gets out of control, starts going crazy.

  • And they're able to stop him eventually

  • by removing these magic words.

  • And that stops him.

  • So we have an interesting story here

  • that may be analogous to extraterrestrials

  • and their robots, artificial intelligence.

NARRATOR: Abydos, Egypt.


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