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  • right, one of my favorites.

  • It's a tangy fruit salad, and it's for breakfast.

  • Would you believe, start off with chili?

  • Now?

  • Give it a little rough, so head I scenes being released.

  • Get your knife come all the way down, turn it over on.

  • Just slice it into fall and then finally chop naturally on this salad.

  • Slightly hot.

  • It's unusual, the chili, but half the seeds, the seeds of where the heat is.

  • So unless you use the moulder your dish, I see chop next, one of my favorite pace tamarind paste.

  • This is quite tart, quite sour, but a wonderful compliment.

  • The sweetness of the fruit and goes brilliantly well with chili palm sugar.

  • And this is where it sweetens up the dressing because it enriches it.

  • Then possessed on the juice of a lime cut into quarters and then twist the line seem maximized on all that juice out.

  • Now to finish that, dressing off some toasty peanuts pan nice and hot.

  • Don't touch assault.

  • They will help dry roast peanuts even quicker.

  • Make sure you get really nice dark color on those peanuts because it will really transform that dressing to crush a roasted nuts the Mess freeway simply wrapped them in a clean cloth and use a rolling pin or a panto.

  • Bash them crush.

  • That's the whole bit done.

  • Okay, now for the fruit.

  • And here's an easy way to prep a pineapple pineapple.

  • Take off the top.

  • Take off the bottom.

  • Stand it up.

  • Use a corner, you knife.

  • I'm followed down, basically like shaving the pineapple.

  • Don't worry about these little spikes.

  • The secret behind doing this way is not losing half the pineapple.

  • There's nothing wrong with a few brown bits.

  • Is all good fiber size of pineapple in half and then slice down each quarter.

  • Slice across and chop delicious pineapple chunks.

  • Next, apples and pears dies.

  • Then to give a lovely fresh light note.

  • De seeded cucumber.

  • I don't want the scenes in the fruit salad.

  • Cucumber seeds will make you a war.

  • Trin.

  • Dilute the strength for that wonderful chilling there.

  • Cucumber in with some sweetness.

  • Delicious mango.

  • Slice it nicely.

  • You're dressing.

  • Just drizzle that over the fruit salad and secret of a good fruit salad is not drowning in the dressing.

  • Really, make sure that you've got that nice coating on all the fruits.

  • Don't worry about just having for breakfast causes is a kind of tangy fruit salad you gonna have for lunch helping snack in the afternoon.

  • But it transforms the traditional fruit salad into something really delicious spicy fruit salad with a kick of chile.

  • Trust me, is an incredible breakfast on a guaranteed pick me up in the morning.

right, one of my favorites.


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タンジーフルーツサラダ|ゴードン・ラムジー (Tangy Fruit Salad | Gordon Ramsay)

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