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  • When the recession hit, Rosemary Bryant knew people needed certain items

  • for their homes, but didn't want to pay the higher prices

  • demanded at many retail stores

  • Then the harsh reality of the economic downturn hit home - hard.

  • "I found myself one day without a position"

  • "That I had held for twenty-two years, and the company went bankrupt"

  • "So I decided, you know, if I'm having"

  • "This type of difficulty, other people would be too"

  • "So I'm going to help them out."

  • So she moved forward with her plans to create the "EZ Dollar Store"

  • A place to find those sundry items you need for everyday use:

  • glasses, paper towels, party supplies, kitchen utensils

  • Even jewelry.

  • Rosemary began to put her efforts into creating a business

  • that would give people what they needed for the lowest price possible, What she calls - "Dollar Power".

  • "We feel that your dollar has a lot of power here."

  • "You can take that dollar and you know when you walk in our door"

  • "with that dollar"

  • "You're going to leave with an item that is"

  • "valued at more than a dollar, but you only paid a dollar for it."

  • "That's how you have "Dollar Power"."

  • "I'm just amazed at the"

  • "customer service and how friendly they are."

  • "It's a husband and wife team"

  • "They're both really fun and friendly and they seem to care about the customer"

  • "not just oh okay, we're going to make money"

  • "when this person walks in, but they seem"

  • "genuinely concerned and compassionate towards the customer and your needs."

  • To get her vision off the ground, Rosemary called the Small Business Development Center

  • - or SBDC - at College of the Canyons

  • She began working with SBDC Senior Business Advisor Gil Murphy and when asked what the SBDC did for her

  • Rosemary said the shorter answer is what they didn't do for her.

  • "If it wasn't for the Gil and the SBDC team"

  • "I think that I would be walking around lost right now."

  • "They set a path for me and they helped me with my business plan"

  • "and gave me guidance all the way through."

  • "Even to the point of suggesting different sources"

  • "that I contact in order to get financing."

  • "They were a big - huge - help in opening our store."

  • (SBDC Business Advisor Gil Murphy) "Once she started with the business plan preparation"

  • (SBDC Business Advisor Gil Murphy) "She became more confident with every meeting that we had. We had about ten meetings"

  • (SBDC Business Advisor Gil Murphy) "it's very typical with a client that we take in that we meet with them about eight to ten times."

  • (SBDC Business Advisor Gil Murphy) "They had the ability to do this; they had the willingness to do it."

  • (SBDC Business Advisor Gil Murphy) "I found a very compliant customer"

  • (SBDC Business Advisor Gil Murphy) "So we worked with them from there."

  • The advice, the planning, the direction Rosemary received

  • All, for free.

  • "It blew me away, actually."

  • "The information was invaluable to me; there's no price you can put on that"

  • "Everytime I met with the SBDC, I expected to get a bill"

  • "And I never got a bill!"

  • "They were just so helpful; they guided us,"

  • "and gave great advice to my husband and me"

  • "And we are eternally grateful for that."

  • And her advice for those wanting to start a business

  • or are already in a business that needs help?

  • "If you don't know where to start

  • "Step one - contact them"

  • "They have a mountain of information"

  • "And it's free. And they have the information at their fingertips"

  • "They don't drop you once you get started"

  • "They stay with you; they find out how your progress has been"

  • "and make make suggestions on how you can do it better"

  • EZE Dollar Store has become a destination for shoppers looking for

  • those necessary household items at dollar prices.

  • And it exists, thanks to the guidance

  • of the Small Business Development Center hosted by College of the Canyons

When the recession hit, Rosemary Bryant knew people needed certain items


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