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  • My name is Lisa Lupus, and we're here together.

  • Gets up just well.

  • Hawking restaurant in Koreatown.

  • And Ellie, you know, we will ask me, was a deficit hawk in food.

  • And like just Mexican food, I think the only way I can really explain in its little hawking foot it's more like soul food.

  • It's like the soul food of Mexico.

  • And Oaxaca is just such a beautiful, magical place.

  • We have really like a deep, close relationship to our food.

  • And one of the things that we're talking food has got these very like smoky notes to its food, like us and Morley and two lists and 40 so in all these different things.

  • And it might look simple.

  • But if you really break it down and you understand what goes behind each layer, you able to understand what we're talking.

  • Food really isn't what stands for.

  • There's certain things that people from Oaxaca just cannot live without.

  • One of them and there's the civic type of tortillas.

  • They're called you that way, actually, bring them from Oaxaca.

  • There, these, like Lord corn tortillas, are hand made people, was it and they're like, Oh, that looks like a Mexican pizza or like a leopard, and you layer it with this pork brain paste.

  • Cholestin throws was pretty much like chaperone then.

  • After that, you layer it with a bean paste.

  • Now the beans have to be made with a special herb from Hakata.

  • Avocado leaves a little earth, you little smoking.

  • I think that's where it gets the flavors that you add just gets Francisco cabbage, and then we put our meats on top.

  • So we make all our meats from scratch here.

  • Or a sackful, which is B or Saxena, which is pork or turkey.

  • So which also pork.

  • And then we put those three things on top.

  • Tamale is nothing that Oaxaca is known for.

  • It's known as the land of the seven More, less.

  • We specialize in six of the more less here delegates at Loreto Mario, where Mr Follow, there is a specific Molly that's called Qala Rito, and that kind of became like our signature, and that really is just like the perfect balance of savory and sweet.

  • It's really a combination of two flavors that we have, what we call the spices and the chilis, right, the cooler, this man with one chair was chili guajillo gets roasted, and then you put it in hot water so you can get soft and then you grind it.

  • And then you take the allmans that plantains, the sesame seeds, garlic, cumin, allspice.

  • Read on all of those ingredients.

  • You rose them a swell.

  • Then you put them all together, and then you fry them together.

  • And that actually becomes this kind of like the spices and then really is introducing both flavors together with some tomato paste, some chicken broth, and then you have the mole it there's just so many different ways you can eat it.

  • And I know a traditional ways just over chicken rice, but really like you could do so many things with.

  • So this restaurant was founded in 1984 with my father, Fernando Lopez, and a year after he opened, my mom and her siblings will move to allay on, because the border with a backpack full of cheese and Moscow and mullahs and tortillas in the first place it took us two was a restaurant because he needed to close on.

  • That was really the beginning over a life, having a place where you could have a little talk instead of Korean building like there's just no better way of describing what Los Angeles is.

  • This is what it is.

  • It's just a beautiful combination of cultures and flavors.

  • All in one place come to the restaurant, tribal, hawking food.

  • But that's only step one, like for me is that you really have to go to a hot guy.

  • You really have to experience.

  • It can be part of it and like, be drenched in the culture so you can understand that it's so much more that goes behind it you.

My name is Lisa Lupus, and we're here together.


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オアハカの魂のこもったメキシコ料理を知る|食の技術 (Understanding the Soulful Mexican Cooking of Oaxaca | Food Skills)

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