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my passion is for people.
At the end of the day, Miracle messages helps homeless individuals reunite with their long lost love ones, using social media on short video messages as humans were just not wired to be by ourselves, there's always this need to connect.
That need to be part of a community is just important for people.
The role the technology plays now is is that communities no longer limited by the people on your block it's taking this first technology and storytelling and melting it with some of the latest technologies.
High speed Internet connectivity, broadband broadband's great platform for others to innovate on top of.
So as we drive increasing speeds, it actually feeds the innovation side way.
Don't know where the next innovation is gonna come from.
But as we drive for ever increasing speeds, it's creating an opportunity for people who could just never imagined things in the future.
Actually coming up in inventing that way, information has flown.
We are aware of problems that we may not otherwise be aware of, and so the response that we feel is I want to do something.
How can I make a difference?
Thes tools have enabled us to take this innate desire to human connection, bridging gaps that we feel in our society to reach our goal, which is a 1,000,000 reunions by 2021.
That's 1% of the world's homeless population over the next five years, we're going to see a dramatic improvement in the performance of cable networks today.
The maximum speed available one gigabit.
Over the next five years, we're gonna see that pushed to 10 rounds.
Now think about in the context of what you deal in 10 minutes, families being connected over distance, where you actually feel like you're sitting in the house together.
But yet you're thousands of miles apart.
Capacity that we're seeing coming into the network really is creating an unlimited capability for people to be connected.
Technology has an important role of driving social change, having instant access to what's happening around the globe.
It's hard to ignore.
Look into the camera right here and speak to Carol as if she was here.
What would you like to say that whenever you're ready, Jesse way thes stories are invisible and wouldn't be captured if those devices and that connectivity was not in place in that ability to use technology to connect with people is an exciting part of what's broadband has been able to bring taking great distances in short, in those up.
From the standpoint of the community and a family using broadband Internet using smartphones and using just this piper connected age, the role of technology and helping us get there, it is to try to enable us to be human together.


TED & NCTA "How Can Fast Internet Change the World"

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