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  • The sluggish global economy affected almost every country in the world, and Korea was

  • no exception. Koreans showed two different extreme consumption

  • behaviors and favored certain electronic appliances. Connie Kim has more on what Koreans went out

  • and bought in 2013. Korean society has entered a slow growth stage,... and in 2013, that

  • was accentuated in two already existing consumption patterns that came to the fore.

  • "As a response to the slow economic growth, consumers are purchasing low cost everyday

  • products, while at the same time spending more on goods that reflect their tastes and

  • interests."

  • The Korea Trend Research Institute included budget phones and less expensive convenience

  • store brand products on its list of 2013 hit items.

  • Budget phones targeted the niche market of customers who only wanted the basic functions

  • of a cell phone,... while the convenience store brands targeted consumers looking for

  • bargains.

  • "I usually purchase convenience store brand snacks and coffee. I buy these products because

  • they offer a wide variety, lower prices and are high quality."

  • However, on the other hand, individuals showed a different purchasing trend when it came

  • to small luxuries, including desserts, liquor and premium perfumes.

  • "The luxury trend has become widespread, and consumer purchases of small luxuries have

  • become even more popular because of the relatively low cost."

  • Consumers also preferred to buy multi-function electronic appliances, such as refrigerators

  • that preserve kimchi, make carbonated water and purify water... and air washers that are

  • combination humidifiers and air purifiers. These new categories of appliances were popular

  • as they reduce energy consumption and free up extra space.

  • "Analysts say the consumption trend for 2014 will resemble a barbell, where consumers select

  • products thst offer traditional conveniences and at the same new experiences.

  • Connie Kim, Arirang News."

The sluggish global economy affected almost every country in the world, and Korea was


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2013年の韓国の消費動向 (Korea's consumption trend in 2013)

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