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  • this bed ball right here could fit so much free stuff.

  • So if you guys don't know what's in this box, checked the link down below in the description.

  • This is that custom black and gold system that was built by antics to using one of their extremely limited black and gold 700 I cases couple obviously with the black and gold M s I lightning's e card.

  • Now, this system right here is extremely rare because you can't buy this case anymore.

  • So that's why this giveaway is kind of exciting for me, because one, it's a hell of a system.

  • Whoever gets this computer, regardless of which you've already got or don't have or whatever, this computer is freaking amazing.

  • So it's got a 99 100 k in there.

  • That's ah, slightly over clocked.

  • We did it ourselves.

  • 32 gigabytes of G skill DDR four Tried NCR d be memory.

  • It's got a Z 3 90 m e g m aside motherboard, which of course, is an over clocking motherboard RGB lighting and stuff on that.

  • And of course, the 28 e t.

  • I lightning Z a $1600 graphics card that you can't even buy.

  • So you have.

  • This system is going to make someone extremely happy.

  • Now we use gleam to do our giveaways.

  • It keeps things as fair as possible.

  • It keeps us legal because you have to have things like terms and conditions and all that sort of stuff.

  • Believe it or not, there's a lot of legal tape that goes on with give aways.

  • So that's when the reasons why we use gleam because there's various ways that we can make sure that we stay in compliance with our giveaways.

  • Now, if you want to see a full list of the rules and the terms of conditions on the giveaway, then you need to go there and read.

  • I won't be answering any questions in the comments or on Twitter about when's the giveaway end or this and that, because all the information that you need is going to be there.

  • But what I'm thinking with this this is basically they had the idea J.

  • Why don't you give away this system for your two million subscribers were about to hit 100 or 1.9 million.

  • Right now I'm hitting 100 subscribers.

  • Once again, guys I remember where they hit 100.

  • That was That was an exciting day for me.

  • But I guess about 1.9 million right now.

  • So we think that with this giveaway and some other things that we're doing that we can get that number 2 to 2 million pretty quickly where this will be our celebratory give away.

  • This is our two million subscribers.

  • Give away.

  • So once we hit that number, then we will draw the winner, and all that stuff will be announced on Twitter.

  • So if you're not following on Twitter, you don't have to follow.

  • Actually see the tweets.

  • You put a link or something?

  • I don't know.

  • We'll figure it out, but that's it.

  • This is going to one lucky winner, the part that makes people very unhappy.

  • And I have no control over this.

  • I didn't make the rules because this isn't my giveaway.

  • I didn't sponsor it.

  • This is unfortunately going to be a United States.

  • Give away only 900% positive on Canada.

  • The rules will be down below, will be upon them.

  • But that's because of all sorts of legal tape that goes into sending a system like this overseas and bonds have to be set up and taxes and that and all that sort of stuff.

  • So it's one of those things that, in terms of staying as legally out of trouble, is possible.

  • This particular system is not going to be available to those outside the United States.

  • It's sex.

  • I know you're booing right now and disliking, I have no control over it, so I can't even get upset about it because it's not my doing, I promise blamed the government's.

  • It's all in the government's man.

  • They don't want you to have this computer, man.

  • I'm telling you, it's all a conspiracy man.

  • Anyway, just click the link down below and enter.

this bed ball right here could fit so much free stuff.


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