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  • Bees Property Home Cooked popcorn Start off with just a touch.

  • Avoid in there as it lightly starts to smoke.

  • Go on in.

  • So now you'll never leave it far away from me.

  • Sounds like it's raining.

  • It's no, it says popcorn kernels.

  • Time pop out, but it's a little shake the pan.

  • Get it going lift that lives at your peril way Very excited.

  • Planning their little that little pitter patter stops.

  • You know your popcorn is cooked nice.

  • You could eat it fresh from the pan, but I've got another plan.

  • I'll make assaulted camera popcorn.

  • Start off with your sugar into the pan.

  • Never start a camera.

  • Otherwise, it crystallizes is a salted caramel.

  • So nice pitch of soul in there as well.

  • Now, once you've got it to a really nice dark camel flavor, stirring your butter very carefully.

  • Camels.

  • They're very hot.

  • Harper.

  • Teaspoon off by carbon off soda kick.

  • Start the reaction that gives the camel honey cone flavor mix that in.

  • You'll see it reactive.

  • It was like a large crunchy on the bottom of the bowl.

  • Now the gas is off on that camera.

  • A nice, dark rich flavor now pouring the popcorn to coat it with that incredible caramel.

  • A good mix.

  • It's not easy, and it's gonna taste amazing.

  • Lay that nice and flat.

  • What's that cools down.

  • It becomes nice and brittle.

  • We got that nice salted caramel flavour, which just takes popcorn to complete in level.



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ゴードン・ラムジーの塩キャラメルポップコーン (Gordon Ramsay's Salted Caramel Popcorn)

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