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  • I believe it is the artist's responsibility

  • to lead people into hell.

  • But I also believe it's important to lead the way out.

  • We are in a renaissance of documentary.

  • People are realizing that there is as much drama in what is

  • and what was as anything that the human imagination dreams up.

  • And you have the added advantage of it being true.

  • In order to be a good director, you

  • have to be able to tolerate contradiction.

  • There's no objective truth.

  • This is human experience.

  • We see things from different perspectives.

  • And that's OK.

  • It's really important that history not be

  • distilled to sort of the Great Men theory.

  • All of those people that are famous

  • don't do the fighting and the dying.

  • The best history is the place where so-called ordinary people

  • exist.

  • You want to use everything at your disposal

  • to activate your audience's imagination.


  • The cannon firing.


  • Troops tramping.

  • Bat cracking

  • There are a million things that you

  • can do-- that you have to do-- until you go, whoa.

  • That's working.

  • We find ourselves in one of the most challenging moments

  • in the history of the United States.

  • The role of the filmmaker then becomes even more important

  • and more urgent.

  • If you've got that thing that is burning inside you saying,

  • I have to do this.

  • Now we can begin to talk about how you start.

  • I'm Ken Burns, and this is my MasterClass.

I believe it is the artist's responsibility


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ケン・バーンズが教えるドキュメンタリー映画制作|公式予告編|マスタークラス (Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking | Official Trailer | MasterClass)

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