IPA [skrɪpt] KK [skrɪpt]


(演劇・映画・ラジオ放送などの)台本, 脚本, スクリプト

オラブラシ (ORABRUSH)-予告編 (Orabrush the Movie—Official Trailer)

オラブラシ (ORABRUSH)-予告編 (Orabrush the Movie—Official Trailer) Image 03:22
  1. i can make your script funny, but youll need an actor

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漢字の由来を紹介!(Part 1- Introduction to Chinese Characters)

漢字の由来を紹介!(Part 1- Introduction to Chinese Characters) Image 10:04
  1. you can simply refer to the chinese script as "chinese characters".

  2. however, as the chinese script has evolved through the centuries,

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公民1985-最後のスピーチ (2013/08/03 公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說)

公民1985-最後のスピーチ (2013/08/03 公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說) Image 39:48
  1. the whole event suggests that our government does not treat us as citizens. it taxes us, kills our children, demolishes our houses and then makes up a lousy script and forces people to believe it.

    現在、我々の政府は、国民のことを人間として見ていないのです。専ら我々から税金を徴収し、我々の子供を殺し、我々の家を壊し、そしてとんでもないシナリオを作り国民を信じさせようとしています。 7 00:01:43,0 --> 00:01:54,0 次に軍検察も政府の役人から成り立っており、国民の堪忍袋の緒を切れさせてから、「すべて法に従い解決をします。
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セックス・アンド・ザ・シティ2 (Sex And The City 2 - Movie Review)

セックス・アンド・ザ・シティ2 (Sex And The City 2 - Movie Review) Image 15:08
  1. was really put into this script or story and what this was going to be about is

    私はそれがどの程度であったことを行っていた恐れ グッチ製品およびキリスト教のバトンとし、アブダビと
  2. well there is no script and as often over straight simultaneously 'cause it's

    に沿って2時間半 そして、それはあなたがセックスの都市続編が貧血だと思うもののパリティのようなものだ それはほぼ同じアカウントで上院議員のようなものだ
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【TED】ミシャ・グレニー: ハッカーを雇え! (Misha Glenny: Hire the hackers!)

【TED】ミシャ・グレニー: ハッカーを雇え! (Misha Glenny: Hire the hackers!) Image 18:40
  1. dimitry golubov, aka script --

    ディミトリ・ゴルボフ 通称 SCRIPT
  2. and most of them, with the exception of script and cha0,

    そしてSCRIPTとCha0を除いた 彼らの多くは
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デッドプール映画-トップ8-素敵な物事 (Deadpool Movie Confirmed - Top 8 Awesome Things)

デッドプール映画-トップ8-素敵な物事 (Deadpool Movie Confirmed - Top 8 Awesome Things) Image 09:59
  1. rhett reese, the writer of the current deadpool movie script launches a twitter campaign.

  2. number 4 - they already have a finished script from the original writer rhett reese

    ナンバー4 - 彼らはすでに原作者レット·リースから、完成したスクリプトがある
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  1. American slang for a doctor's prescription.
    Stop at the pharmacy and pick up my script.
  2. 1. (verb) to send someone a written message, including a text, email, instant message, etc. 2. (noun) a written message
    1. Mortimer: guys, I want to call my girlfriend but she sounds like a giraffe gargling nails Wilmsworth: why dont you just script her? that way you wont have to hear her talk like a toothless, half-dead wildabeast 2. Chauncey: i just got a script from my girlfriend, apparently her turtle died Jebediah: that sucks, you should send a consolation script
  3. Scripts combine several commands and/or variable changes into a single function. They can be used in applications varying from games to installation programs.
    alias +dj "+duck; +jump" alias -dj "-duck; -jump" Function .onInit StrCpy $2 0 InitPluginsDir File /oname=$PLUGINSDIR\temp.ini "temp.ini" Call findSteam Call doubleCheck FunctionEnd
  4. Prescription drugs, usually illicitly acquired and used relationally.
    Know where I can find any scripts?
  5. Form of admiration for a person who has acted cool in some way. Shortened from the literacy term manurscript (man_ur_script)
    After playing well on the pool table Johnny complimented Franky with a high five and the words "man ur script"