• US /ˈhʌvər/
  • UK /ˈhɒvə(r)/
  • v. 空中に停止する; 近くをうろうろする;
  • The helicopters hover over the military base
  • Helicopters hover above to the army base

2013年4月5日 - CNN学生ニュース(字幕付き

2013年4月5日 - CNN学生ニュース(字幕付き Image 10:00
  1. it`s a hovercraft, or in the case of this youtube video, it`s a bubba hover.

  2. all right, that wraps up our hover to that story, and today`s show. hope you have a great weekend.

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映画で英語を学ぶ - ハリーポッターの最初のフライングレッスン

映画で英語を学ぶ - ハリーポッターの最初のフライングレッスン Image 04:22
  1. keep your brooms steady, hover for a moment, then lean forward slightly

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ビュッフェでの食事は間違っている|フードネットワーク Image 02:43
  1. find a gap in the line, hover, and dart.

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史上最も幸運な億万長者 (Luckiest Billionaire Ever)

史上最も幸運な億万長者 (Luckiest Billionaire Ever) Image 05:20
  1. that's why i use hover, with over 400 domain extensions, you will most certainly find what

  2. however, today with hover who gladly sponsored this video, you can do it easily in a few

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クラウド探偵になる方法 (How to be a cloud detective)

クラウド探偵になる方法 (How to be a cloud detective) Image 08:03
  1. altostratus and altocumulus clouds hover a bit lower, between 2,000 and 7,000 meters.

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Anime Voice Acting in Niigata, Japan [Ft. The Anime Man & akidearest]

Anime Voice Acting in Niigata, Japan [Ft. The Anime Man & akidearest] Image 15:43
  1. probably hover i mean what i've only voice acted in a video game coming up

    私は、ある新作のゲームで ちょっと真似てやったことがあるだけ
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エクセルです。コメントと共著 (Excel: Comments and Co-authoring)

エクセルです。コメントと共著 (Excel: Comments and Co-authoring) Image 04:14
  1. if you want to see who's using a cursor, just hover your mouse over it and their name will pop up.

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Googleドキュメント。引用文献の追加 (Google Docs: Adding Citations)

Googleドキュメント。引用文献の追加 (Google Docs: Adding Citations) Image 02:00
  1. p a and chicago to create the citation, hover over the result that you want and click the quotation mark.

    引用を作成するには、P Aとシカゴ、必要な結果にカーソルを合わせて、引用符をクリックします。
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自分と他人を比較して (Comparing yourself to others)

自分と他人を比較して (Comparing yourself to others) Image 03:50
  1. sometimes my finger will even hover over the instagram app, and i have all of my social media aps in a fuller label.

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Googleドキュメント:音声入力 (Google Docs: Voice Typing)

Googleドキュメント:音声入力 (Google Docs: Voice Typing) Image 02:43
  1. to find a full list of available voice commands, hover over the microphone and click the question mark.

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Googleドキュメント。アドオンのインストール (Google Docs: Installing Add-ons)

Googleドキュメント。アドオンのインストール (Google Docs: Installing Add-ons) Image 04:06
  1. go back to the add ons, drop down, hover over it and click start this particular ad on works by opening a new window full of icons that i can add to my document.

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14分でわかるWWDCの新機能45選 (45 New Apple Features From WWDC In 14 Minutes)

14分でわかるWWDCの新機能45選 (45 New Apple Features From WWDC In 14 Minutes) Image 13:56
  1. you can just hover over tabs and see a nice preview of the page.

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Korean Breakfast at Kimbap Cheonguk + Visiting Seoul Tower in Seoul, Korea

Korean Breakfast at Kimbap Cheonguk + Visiting Seoul Tower in Seoul, Korea Image 11:52
  1. little bit but not like this this is really good hover in the center of the

    少しでもこんな感じじゃない の中心部で本当に良いホバー
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スパイダーマン ホームカミング - HISHEレビュー(SPOILERS) (Spider-Man Homecoming - HISHE Review (SPOILERS))

スパイダーマン ホームカミング - HISHEレビュー(SPOILERS) (Spider-Man Homecoming - HISHE Review (SPOILERS)) Image 09:58
  1. keaton is out there trying to be a human hover drone slash chitarui tech weapons

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  1. To piss all over the toilet seat. Women do this in order to make the toilet seat a disgusting mess, and secondly to encourage further hovering by subsequent users of the toilet.
    The toilet seat is a disgusting mess because the last five girls that used it all hovered.
  2. To wander or circle around a certain area while waiting for a person or event. This can be done on wheels or on foot, but is most popular with cars.
    We're still waiting for Rob to be ready, so we're gonna hover around for now.
  3. The act of placing your hand under a girl's panties and then purposely avoiding direct contact with her vagina. Hand may be cupped. Typically used by virgins scared to move forward. Although intended to cause arousal, actual result is the girl wondering just what you think you're doing.
    Yeah man, I was rounding third and headed for home when I decided to stop and just hover for a bit. Awwww, yeah, I got skillz.
  4. Hovering is the act of squatting like a helicopter over a dirty toilet seat in order to prevent from having to put your [bum] down.
    I had to take a crap in the Exxon's bathroom but had to hover because some dumb shit pissed all over the seat.
  5. To leave the ground via a jump or launch ramp.
    Lets go Hover in the snowboard park
  6. To pace about restlessly and hang around impatiently while waiting for someone to complete a task for you, often accompanied by repeatedly looking over the person's shoulder. Erroneously thought of by the waiter as helping to speed things up, hovering generally has the exact opposite effect, causing the laborer to feel harried and nervous at being constantly watched, and thus actually making him take even longer to complete the task because his uneasiness obliges him to work more carefully and deliberately, and to re-check more details of his work than he would if he was calm. Can also loosely refer to any form of fretting at or badgering someone, such as by phoning or e-mailing/IM-ing him repeatedly.
    Husband: Is the shop almost done fixing our car yet? Wife: Well, possibly, but I am not sure... they were still working on it when I stepped in, but they all appeared to be a bit stressed, so I didn't want to hover.