IPA [hʊd] KK [hʊd]


(顔以外の頭と首をおおう)フード, ずきん

オーストラリア英語とアメリカ英語 Australian English

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  1. when it comes to cars, you pop the hood.

  2. we don't call it a hood. we call it a bonnet.

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赤ずきん (Little Red Riding Hood - Bedtime Story Animation | Best Children Classics HD)

赤ずきん (Little Red Riding Hood - Bedtime Story Animation | Best Children Classics HD) Image 13:02
  1. little red riding hood

  2. had made her a pretty red riding hood.

    かわいい赤いずきんを つくってあげたのです
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  1. 1. The ghetto. 2. Someone who is from the ghetto. 3. Someone who acts like they are from the ghetto. Other Slang: Hoodlum, Gangsta, Thug, Nigga, Pimp, Street-rat, Street Urchin, etc. 4. The foreskin of a penis. 5. Covering of the clitoris.
  2. Derived from "neighborhood". An area which one lives/lived/ or is in
    Ima go visit my hood. i need to raise up out my hood
  3. neighborhood; ghetto; project
    we was just chillin in the hood when...
  4. Attatched to sweatshirts...Often pulled over the head when the weather is cold or rainy.
    Put your hood on, Little Timmy, it's cold outside.
  5. n. 1. Derived from the word neighborhood. Usually refers to an undesirable area: gangsters are from thehood”; [wankstas] are from the suburbs. 2. A district or area with distinctive characteristics: a neighborhood of fine homes; an ethnic hood. 3. The area above a womans vagina: that cluck [gots] her hood pierced.
    "[Cuz] the boyz n tha [hood] are always hard You come talkin that trash we'll pull your card Knowin nothin in life but to be legit Don't quote me boy, cuz I ain't sayin shit" -Eazy E
  6. A shortened term for neighborhood
    Ayo Jack let's go kill a few slobs in the hood.
  7. A ganster slang word derrived from neighborhood, usually talking about the ghetto or where all the gangsters and thugs live.
    Guy: I am from the trailer park, where are you from? Thug: Da hood!
  8. the part of a sweatshirt or jacket that goes over your head
    I put on my hood when it rains.
  9. what jamaicans call the dick
    yawd man:wha a gwan today mad dread? mad dread: mi about fi go to jackie she tell mi say she want some hood fi her birthday yawd man: for real
  10. The flap of skin that covers the clitoris. Not all women have a hood, but it's not uncommon to find a woman with a hood.
    When I got my hood pierced it hurt really bad, but now it's my favorite piercing.