• US /hɪˈlɛriəs, -ˈlær-, haɪ-/
  • UK /hɪˈleəriəs/
  • adj. とてもおもしろい;
  • The movie was hilarious, I laughed all the time


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40歳の処女 (1/8) Movie CLIP - あなたは処女ですか?(2005) HD

40歳の処女 (1/8) Movie CLIP - あなたは処女ですか?(2005) HD Image 03:29
  1. you guys are hilarious. all right, come on, don't be mean.

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淡い黄金のように-グレート・ギャツビー 第1部:クラッシュ・コース英文学第4回

淡い黄金のように-グレート・ギャツビー 第1部:クラッシュ・コース英文学第4回 Image 11:43
  1. which is hilarious because none of those people has actually produced anything:

  2. which is hilarious because of course tom is a horrible asshat

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信じられないほど陽気なエイミー・シューマー Image 06:04
  1. - hilarious. so when you say

    - 笑えるだから、あなたが言うとき
  2. the same exact thing. - hilarious.

    同じことをしている- 笑える。
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英語でベストなスピーチやプレゼンテーションをするには Image 16:16
  1. it was hilarious. i fell. i almost hit my head on the board. the whole class was like,

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子供時代のAIM名を説明する人 Image 03:14
  1. i thought farts were hilarious as a junior high student and sad part is, i was born in 83, not 87.

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VidTalk // ハロウィンについてのすべての

VidTalk // ハロウィンについてのすべての Image 15:59
  1. that was hilarious. i love this series.

  2. it's so hilarious. i really would like to see these kids getting pranked and their reaction and all that.

    (徳井)面白いですよね (YOU)面白いですよねこの子たちがイタズラされた時の反応とか見てみたいですね。
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スコット・スターリングとのベストバレーボールブロック Image 03:30
  1. hilarious videos.

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ネズミについての5つの魅力的な事実 Image 02:24
  1. if you haven't seen the hilarious but horrifying videos

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LOL!JOKESについての英単語を学ぶ: hilarious, dirty joke, LMAO...

LOL!JOKESについての英単語を学ぶ: hilarious, dirty joke, LMAO... Image 13:11
  1. see something: "oh, it's funny. hahaha." the second one has the same meaning: "it's hilarious."

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  1. Quite funny. Generally used when making fun, or talking about making fun of other people.
    Ben H's face is hilariously ugly. Wasn't it hilarious when Ben H's mom slapped him for being so ugly?
  2. funnier than the norm. in fact, funnier than just plain olde 'hilarious,' because you took the time to capitalise the letters L-A-R to emphasise the second syllable. pronounced: hill LAAAR ee us
    did you see the new cheat commandos? the one with 'commandos in the classroom?' it's hiLARious.