• US /fæd/
  • UK /fæd/
  • n. 流行;
  • High-heeled shoes was a popular fad in the 70's for men


CGRundertow TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES IV: TURTLES IN TIME for スーパーファミコンゲームレビュー Image 03:01
  1. proving they’re more than just a fad. they're also all named after renaissance artists so

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TED-ED】流行りのダイエットを見抜く方法 - ミア・ナカムリ

TED-ED】流行りのダイエットを見抜く方法 - ミア・ナカムリ Image 04:34
  1. known as fad diets,

  2. chances are it's a fad diet.

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偉大なベーグルのライバルニューヨーク対モントリオール Image 03:09
  1. i think it's mostly a fad.

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内向的な人は何かをするのが得意な12のこと Image 10:23
  1. introverts aren't quiet without a purpose. they observe. while you're over there talking about the latest fad or your weird dream last night,

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毛穴パックは肌にいいのか? (Are Pore Strips Actually Good For Your Skin?)

毛穴パックは肌にいいのか? (Are Pore Strips Actually Good For Your Skin?) Image 02:11
  1. pore strips have become a popular skin care fad, especially on the internet, where people share videos of themselves using the strips, or grossly satisfying photos after pulling them off.

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Travel Safe with These Anti-theft Travel Bags and Clothes from Pacsafe

Travel Safe with These Anti-theft Travel Bags and Clothes from Pacsafe Image 20:10
  1. crystal: it's a fad!

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瓶詰めの水の物語 (2010)

瓶詰めの水の物語 (2010) Image 08:04
  1. as a passing yuppie fad

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電動スクーターの台頭がデコボコになった理由 Image 09:29
  1. but there's a big backlash building as well over this new fad.

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ウォーレン・バフェットの5/25のルールは、あなたが重要なことに集中するのに役立つだろう Image 06:24
  1. fad or jump from one interest to another. spending time on a singular focus helps them

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  1. a thing that becomes very popular in a short amount of time, and then is forgotten at about the same speed.
    Furbies, Pokemon, A and F.
  2. A trend (as in music, fashion, tv show, card game, etc.) enjoyed for a short period of time, then cast aside because it isn't "popular" anymore.
    Fads= Pokemon, emo, Good Charlotte, body glitter, pogs, products with your first initial on them, Luis Vuitton, soon to be fads= Juicy, the OC, Sevens, Britany Spears,
  3. is an acronym to discribe something or the way people dress for a period of time, ie., For A Day
    Wow, the way you wear your hat sucks....its just a FAD
  4. Something that will become HUGE then fizzle into nothingness and be totally forgotten.
    YOU: look at my TAMAGOTCHI!!!!! ME: you're about 6 years late on that fad...I just went rave *ONE WEEK LATER* ME: Im all about tamagotchis. YOU: *wearing rave clothing and chucking tamagotchi in the bin* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  5. Zip, nada, bugger all. Fuck All Divided by Six.
    Yez cunts' word's wuth FADS.
  6. Stands for Friday Afternoon Delirium Syndrome. Is a spoof of serious diseases such as AIDS and SARS. Refers to the time period between 12:00 and 5:00 PM on Friday afternoons when everyone is freaking out and going crazy waiting for school/work to end.
    God, I've got such a bad case of FADS I can't concentrate on anything right now.
  7. A person who looks good 'From A Distance' but up close is hideous!
    She's a Fad.
  8. F.A.D. also said F-a-d is an abbreviation for [fucking][ass][Deutch]
    Dude you're such a FAD
  9. Fucking Asinine Dumb Shit
    Trail running barefoot is one of many ridiculous FADS. Have you ever just stepped on a building block in the middle of the night, that shit hurts like a mother fucker....Imagine running, then landing on a fucking sharp Rock. Now you're fucked and no fucking shoes. Now your bare foot ass gets to hobble back under your bridge like a hunchback fucking troll. It serves you right, stupid hobbit. I hope next time you step on a hypodermic needle.