• US /ædˈvænst/
  • UK /ədˈvɑ:nst/
  • v. 進軍した; 進歩する : 向上する; (価値 : 値段が)上がる; 前進する; 誘惑しようとする : 口説こうとする;
  • adj. 進歩した : 上級の; 進んだ i;
  • Day by day our Army advanced to the border
  • He advanced his knowledge considerably compared to the rest of the team
  • Our share prices advanced considerably last year
  • We advanced almost 20 miles in one day
  • He advanced on her at the bar
  • After getting an advanced degree he got a well-paid job
  • Tony is quite advanced in years, he’s almost 90 now

MY NEW SHOW!インポッシブルYLYL (MY NEW SHOW! Impossible YLYL)

MY NEW SHOW!インポッシブルYLYL (MY NEW SHOW! Impossible YLYL) Image 11:28
  1. technology has not advanced at all because all we

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英文法 - 冠詞を使う6つの方法

英文法 - 冠詞を使う6つの方法 Image 07:59
  1. especially for intermediate and advanced speakers: "i'm interested in improving myself." in getting

    特に中級・上級者向け: "I'm interested in improving myself." In getting
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英語を上達させるために読むべき本は? Image 09:34
  1. intermediate and advanced levels -- they say, "alex, or teacher, i want to improve my english.

  2. however, it might be a little bit too advanced for intermediate speakers, and even for advanced

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CGRundertow MEGA MAN X5 for PlayStation ビデオゲームレビュー

CGRundertow MEGA MAN X5 for PlayStation ビデオゲームレビュー Image 03:18
  1. be obtained from bosses of sufficiently advanced levels. these customizable armor sets, as

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学習の未来、ネットワーク化された社会 - エリクソン

学習の未来、ネットワーク化された社会 - エリクソン Image 20:17
  1. it's going to get the most advanced kids, the most stimulating material.

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宇宙で最も強力な物体 Image 25:07
  1. an advanced jet fighter: 75 million watts.

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  1. Being very high off weed.
    Damn...I'm advanced as hell. That shit blasted me off to the year 3000.