• US /əˌbriviˈeʃən/
  • UK /əˌbri:viˈeɪʃn/
  • n. 省略 : 略語;
  • The term UFO is an abbreviation for Unidentified Flying Object

H+ 第13話「質問

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  1. is the abbreviation for a set of ideologies,

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語彙 - 英語でMOVIESについて話す

語彙 - 英語でMOVIESについて話す Image 10:07
  1. this is just an abbreviation for "miscellaneous", means just generally words that i thought

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  1. okay, next idea for what's informal use: "tv". "tv", what is "tv"? it's an abbreviation;

    さて、次のアイデアは何のための非公式な使用です。"テレビ""TV"、"TV "とは何ですか?略語です。
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イギリス英語の非公式短縮形 (Informal Contractions in British English)

イギリス英語の非公式短縮形 (Informal Contractions in British English) Image 06:55
  1. now, this is a very common abbreviation that we do in the uk.

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イギリス英語とアメリカ英語の日付と年号 Image 05:25
  1. now, the abbreviation of ordinal numbers are as follows: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.

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  1. a 16th century man wrote god, b,w, e in a letter to someone as an abbreviation for may god be with you.

    16世紀の人が誰かに宛てた手紙にGOD,B,W,Eと書いたのは、「May God be with you」の略で、「神はあなたと共にありますように」という意味です。
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  1. A shortened form of a word or phrase. - Types of abbreviations: There are four main kinds of abbreviations: shortenings, contractions, initialisms, and acronyms. 1 Shortenings of words usually consist of the first few letters of the full form and are usually spelled with a final period when they are still regarded as abbreviations, for example, cont. = continued, in = inch. In the cases when they form words in their own right, the period is omitted, for example, hippo = hippopotamus, limo = limousine. Such shortenings are often but not always informal. Some become the standard forms, and the full forms are then regarded as formal or technical, for example, bus = omnibus, taxi = taxicab, deli = delicatessen, zoo = zoological garden. Sometimes shortenings are altered to facilitate their pronunciation or spelling: bike = bicycle2 Contractions are abbreviated forms in which letters from the middle of the full form have been omitted, for example, Dr. = doctor, St. = saint or street. Such forms are invariably followed by a period. Another kind of contraction is the type with an apostrophe marking the omission of letters: can't = cannot, didn't = did not, you've = you have. 3 Initialisms are made up of the initial letters of words and are pronounced as separate letters: CIA (or C.I.A.), NYC, pm (or p.m.), U.S. (or US). Practice varies with regard to periods, with current usage increasingly in favor of omitting them, especially when the initialism consists entirely of capital letters. 4 Acronyms are initialisms that have become words in their own right, or similar words formed from parts of several words. They are pronounced as words rather than as a series of letters, for example, AIDS, laser, scuba, UNESCO, and do not have periods. In many cases the acronym becomes the standard term and the full form is only used in explanatory contexts.
    An example of an abbreviation is abbr, which is short for "abbreviation".
  2. see [abbr.]
  3. The fastest way to get a "def" on
    Bill: Dude, I want to put something on! Ted: Bro, just make an abbreviation out of a commonly used phrase and it'll be on in no time.