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  • I am joined tonight by Dr Janin.

  • Cal.

  • Do our chief medical officer, Captain Emmett McGowan, the commander here in the State Emergency Operation Center with her today because we have identified the first presumptive positive case of Corona virus in Michigan.

  • We're taking every step that we can to mitigate the virus spread.

  • Keep Michiganders.

  • I've signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in order to maximize our efforts and assist local governments and officials to slow the spread.

  • It's crucial that Michiganders continue to take preventative measures.

  • They're easy things that we can do to lower risk and risk of transmission.

  • Wash your hands often for 20 seconds, at least practice touching your face less often.

  • Replace handshakes with elbow barbs.

  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

  • And all these sound simple.

  • But they work and they will help mitigate the spread.

  • The main goal of these efforts is to slow the spread of the virus.

  • Not to stop has moved into Michigan, and I urge all Michiganders to take these recommendations very seriously to share this information with their friends and family and co workers.

  • For those of you who have questions, the Department of Health and Human Services has set up a new user friendly website.

  • W w w dot michigan dot gov slash corona virus.

  • Earlier this week, I created four task forces to help combat the spread of Corona virus.

  • The task forces are focused on education, health and human service is our economy and workforce and state operations.

  • They're already meeting to discuss further preventative measures that we can take.

  • The Corona virus has the potential to impact our lives in nearly every aspect of our lives.

  • So these task forces will help us slow the spread in those particular areas.

  • Dr.

  • John McHale do and the team at M D H H s have been hard at work were Michiganders.

  • We're tough.

  • We know how to take care of each other.

  • We will get through this, but for now, please make sure your families and friends are taking every preventative measure available to keep yourself safe.

  • Talk to your friends and your family and your co workers and encourage them to make smart choices.

  • We in state government will continue our work to take every necessary precaution to keep Michiganders safe.

  • Thank you with that.

  • I'm going to pass this over to Dr Johnny Cal.

  • Do will now talk more about M.

  • D H H s s efforts.

  • Thank you, Governor.

  • As the governor mentioned today, we learned of the first to presume positive cases of Corbett night here in Michigan.

  • These tests are performed at our state laboratory here in Lansing.

  • While these tests still have to be confirmed by the CDC, we're proceeding with the public health investigation and response.

  • These are positive cases.

  • So again, there are two cases that were confirmed today.

  • One Oakland County who had a recent history, national travel.

  • The other is a Wayne County who had a history, domestic travel.

  • We're working very public health partners to learn more about these cases so we could do everything we can to protect those risk.

  • These are the first known cases of Kobe 19 here in the state of Mission.

  • It is very life.

  • We'll see.

  • More cases will be spread.

  • We need everyone.

  • Their part two, the spread of the disease as much as possible as washing hands with soap and water for 27 every time.

  • Appropriately and costs sanitize frequently surfaces often and staying.

  • You are ill lawyers, hospitals, schools and universities should be making plans and proposed appropriately preparing for this disease.

  • We've been working very close partners for several weeks.

  • Preparations for those who are elderly.

  • I have chronic additions.

  • You should consider postponing any long travel, staying away from crowds and making sure you are lane rides.

  • This is a wreck.

  • Evolving situation will continue to everything we can at the state level and working closely with our local and federal partners to protect others.

  • That would be happy to answer your questions this time response here tested if necessary.

  • Well, it means that we're going to take all reasonable and necessary steps.

  • And there is a lot of authority within that.

  • Moving forward with the task force is I believe that we will have probably some additional steps that will be able to share with you tomorrow.

  • As we reconvene and pull everyone together.

  • I know that we have presence in our state.

  • There's, uh well, we're going to make decisions based on the faxes as they present and be some best practices we're gonna keep Michigan are safe, and we're gonna be prudent.

  • We started.

  • We opened up this State Emergency Operation Center, a few weeks ago and an abundance of caution.

  • And I'm glad that we did.

  • We get all of the experts at the table.

  • Uh, I'm actively in conversation with the White House and my fellow governors, and I think that will have additional steps probably to share with you in the coming days.

  • Fair old Italy, I Okay.

  • Thank you.

I am joined tonight by Dr Janin.


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