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  • Who would live in a house like this and more to the point where even is it?

  • but this part looks more like an Alpine chalet it has a steep roof oriel windows, a

  • veranda, a pergola, plantation shutters.

  • veranda a pergola plantation shutters there's a beautiful dissonance about

  • that's the secret of the Studio Ghibli effect

  • Here in the West Ghibli's films are often thought of as the pinnacle of

  • here in the West jubblies films are often thought of as the pinnacle of

  • Japanese animation with a perspective that's inseparable from the national

  • identity of their artists and filmmakers but so much of what makes Ghibli Ghibli

  • comes down to the way their films wriggle into the space between cultures

  • so that wherever you're from they have that elusive fairy tale quality of

  • Studio Ghibli was founded in 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata

  • although the two men had already worked together for years

  • first at Toei where Takahata made his first feature The Little Norse Prince.

  • out of its early Disney hero-worship with its mature, morally-nuanced

  • storytelling and dizzyingly dynamic framing and movement.

  • was inspired by an epic saga of the Ainu, the marginalised indigenous

  • people of northern Japan. Fearing political fallout Toei demanded

  • that Takahata ensure the film couldn't be identified as a specifically Ainu story.

  • wove in elements from other epic and mythic traditions he saw that the world

  • and plot of the film had both become excitingly hard to pin down and

  • that Takahata ensure the film couldn't be identified as a specifically I knew

  • sense of wonderment. That discovery later became Ghibli's MO. Look at

  • its inspirations come from far further afield. The architecture and landscapes

  • were inspired by Miyazaki's visits to Wales in the early 1980s where the

  • strange iron sentinels came from an early animated Superman short by the

  • sense of wonderment that discovery later became Ghibli Zemel look at Laputa

  • Swift its title. Even in the real world this technique

  • can be just as effective. Take this sequence from the studio's unsung

  • masterpiece Only Yesterday. A present-day Japanese safflower harvest is

  • accompanied by a traditional Bulgarian folk chant creating an astral pastoral

  • mood that's dreamily unmoored to particulars of time and place

  • Ghibli's magpie eye for great ideas and images from all cultures and their

  • Swift its title even in the real world this technique

  • their work feels so culturally alive. Among their most fruitful finds have

  • been three children's books by English writers Diana Wynne Jones' Hell's

  • Moving Castle, Mary Norton's The Borrower's and Joan G Robinson's

  • When Marnie Was There. All of these were brought into the Ghibli canon with a

  • cross-cultural twist. The latter two by director Hiromasa Yonebayashii who has

  • since set up his own studio Ponoc with some former Ghibli artists.

  • children's book Mary Stewart's The Little Broomstick

  • it feels ineffably English but also ineffably not. Characters greet one

  • Moving Castle Mary Norton's the borrower's and Georgie Robinson's when

  • cloth. By now that artistic dissonance is familiar but the effect of its magic is

  • cross-cultural twist the latitude by director hiramasa Yanni by Oishi who has

  • This half has traditional Japanese furniture and fixtures there's even a family bath

  • There's a beautiful dissonance about

  • When it was released in 1968 that film redefined Japanese animation shaking the industry

  • The little Norse Prince, which was originally released as The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince Of The Sun

  • At first he resisted but as his team

  • Laputa, Castle In The Sky the first film produced under the studio brand.

  • Its art style is typical anime: wide expressive eyes in a heightened fantasy setting but

  • Ponoc's first film was Mary And The Witch's Flower, an adaptation of another English

Who would live in a house like this and more to the point where even is it?


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