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  • This is the city of Wuhan.


  • It is home to an estimated 11 million people in eastern China.

    およそ 1,100 万人が暮らすこの街は、中国の西方に位置しています。

  • It is here where health officials believe the new coronavirus originated and eventually spread across the globe.


  • Cases of the disease it causes, known as COVID-19, have risen rapidly as health officials have worked to contain the virus.

    この街が発生源となった感染症、COVID-19 の発生件数は激増しています。ウイルス封じ込めのため、保健当局が尽力しているにもかかわらずです。

  • Here's how COVID-19 became a global pandemic.

    COVID-19 が世界的に流行するまでの経過をお教えしましょう。

  • On December 1st, 2019, a patient in Wuhan begins to show symptoms of viral pneumonia, according to a report in the Lancet medical journal.

    2019 年 12 月 1 日、武漢市で1人の患者にウイルス性肺炎の症状が現れ始めたと、医学誌『ランセット』が伝えています。

  • That patient is believed to be the first documented case of the virus.


  • Throughout the month, a series of pneumonia cases of unknown cause emerge in Wuhan.


  • Symptoms include a fever, labored breathing and a dry cough.


  • At the end of the month, the Chinese government informs the World Health Organization of a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan.

    12 月の終わりになり、中国政府は世界保健機関 (WHO) に、武漢市での肺炎症例のクラスター発生を報告。

  • Between December 31st and January 3rd, a total of 44 cases are reported to the WHO.

    12 月 31 日から 1 月 3 日の間に、44 件の症例の報告が WHO にされています。

  • Many of the patients were found to have visited an open-air seafood and animal market within the city.


  • Chinese authorities shut down the market, and on January 5th, the WHO reports the infection could be connected to exposure to live animals.

    そこで中国政府はこの市場を封鎖します。1 月 5 日、WHO は生きた家畜との接触が感染に関係しているのではないかとの発表をしています。

  • Chinese scientists discover sick patients are infected with a new strain of coronavirus, according to Chinese state media.


  • Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that include the common cold.


  • At this point, there are no documented instances of human to human transmission.


  • On January 11th, China reports the first death from the disease in Wuhan.

    1 月 11 日、中国は武漢で初めての死者が出たことを発表します。

  • Concerns grow about the ability to contain the virus over the upcoming Chinese lunar new year, when millions of people travel across the country.


  • Wuhan is connected to other major Chinese cities by nearly 22,000 miles of high speed rail, and connected to the world via an international airport that transports 24.5 million passengers a year, and connects to 30 cities around the globe.

    武漢市は、約 35,000 ㎞に及ぶ高速鉄道により国内の他の主要都市と直結しています。また、年間 2,450 万人が利用する国際空港もあり、世界 30 都市とも繋がっているのです。

  • A Chinese tourist traveling from the Wuhan area is found to have a fever after arriving at the airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

    それから、武漢からの中国人旅行者が、タイ バンコクの空港に到着した際に発熱していることが明らかになりました。

  • On January 13th, this person is confirmed to have the first case of the new coronavirus outside of mainland China.

    1 月 13 日、この人物が中国本土の外で初めての新型コロナウイルスの症例であると確認されることとなります。

  • Over the next week, cases appear across Asia, and in the United States as well.


  • According to the WHO, on January 23rd, there are 581 confirmed cases globally.

    WHO によると、1 月 23 日には、世界で 581 人の感染例が確認されています。

  • As health officials announce the virus can spread between humans, the Chinese government cuts train and air travel out of Wuhan, effectively quarantining the entire city in an effort to contain the spread.


  • With over 7,800 confirmed cases, the WHO declares the coronavirus a global public health emergency, indicating authorities believe the virus is a significant threat beyond China.

    7,800 を超える症例が確認され、WHO は「国際的に懸念される公衆衛生上の緊急事態」を宣言。当局では、このウイルスが中国を越えて重大な脅威になると考えていることを示唆しました。

  • In Yokohama, Japan, passengers aboard the Diamond Princess cruise liner are quarantined.


  • For almost three weeks, passengers are confined to the ship as they are tested for the virus.


  • 696 people on the ship are ultimately confirmed to be infected, including some Americans.


  • A week later, the WHO officially names the disease COVID-19.

    1 週間後、WHO は正式にこの疾患を COVID-19 と名付けます。

  • The name is an abbreviated form of coronavirus disease 2019.

    これは、「コロナウイルス (COronaVIrus) ディジーズ (Disease) 2019」 の短縮形です。

  • On February 17th, the number of new cases reported by the WHO rises sharply, after Chinese authorities change the criteria for diagnosing the illness, raising concerns that the virus is speeding up, not slowing down.

    2 月 17 日、WHO が発表する新たな症例数は急激に増加します。中国当局が、この疾患の診断基準を変えてからのことです。ウイルスの感染拡大のスピードが緩まるどころか、上がっているという懸念が高まります。

  • Up until this point, the vast majority of cases have been confined to mainland China, but by February 24th, new cases flare in South Korea, Italy and Iran.

    この時点までで、症例の大部分は中国本土で確認されていました。ですが、2 月 27 日には、新たな症例が韓国やイタリア、イランで出始めます。

  • In the United States, thousands of people are asked to self-quarantine to curtail infections in several states.


  • State health officials in California, Oregon and Washington report new cases of COVID-19 with no travel history to China or known exposure to carriers.


  • Worries increase that the virus is spreading in American communities.


  • The number of confirmed coronavirus cases globally tops 100,000, as President Trump signs into law an 8.3 billion USD spending bill to combat the virus.

    世界でコロナウイルスの感染が確認された症例数は最大で 10 万人となり、トランプ大統領は、ウイルスとの闘いに 83 億ドルを投じる法案を通しました。

  • Over the next week and a half, major sporting events are canceled, schools and businesses are closed, and many Americans are advised to stay home to limit contact with others.

    その後 10 日間ほどで、主なスポーツイベントは中止され、学校や企業も閉鎖、そして多くの国民は家にいるよう勧告されます。他者との接触を制限するためです。

  • On March 13th, the president declares a national emergency, as the virus continues to create major disruptions to American life.

    3 月 13 日、大統領は「国家緊急事態宣言」を行います。コロナウイルスによって国民の生活に大きな混乱が続いたのです。

  • COVID-19 continues to spread and impact communities around the globe, as health officials monitor the disease, and try to find ways to curtail it.

    COVID-19 は広がり続け、世界中の地域に衝撃を与えています。保健当局は、ウイルスの監視を行い、緩和のための方法を見つけ出そうとしているところです。

This is the city of Wuhan.


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