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  • Are you a negative Nelly or Nick? You'll be much more successful if you seek

  • to make lemonade out of those lemons. I'm Denise O'Berry and you're watching the

  • "Little Big Show." Your place for bit size tips that can have

  • a big impact on your bottom line. Do you focus on the positive or accentuate

  • the negative? If you have a tendency to always pursue what's

  • broken, what caused a problem, or use but, could have, should have, as a regular part

  • of your conversation, it's time for a change. Focus on the positive.

  • When something doesn't go quite the way you planned it, before you start digging into

  • what went wrong, identify what went right first.

  • Here are a few actions you can take to make your world a little bit brighter.

  • First, eliminate "but" and "should" completely from your vocabulary.

  • Post positive and motivational quotes around your business environment, so that when you

  • see them, it will light you up and think in a different way.

  • And encourage your team to find out what's going right in the day's activities.

  • Keep a good stuff list. Post it somewhere, where you'll see it on

  • a regular basis. Start a kudos wall.

  • Put it where everyone will see it and let anyone post anything about anyone in your

  • business. And last, have a we did well meeting.

  • Call a meeting just to talk about what's going right in your business.

  • Start now. You'll be amazed how quickly your attitude

  • and the attitude of your team will make your workplace a much better place to be.

  • Now it's your turn. Can you add a tip to the list of things I

  • identified for focussing on the positive? Please leave your thoughts in the comments

  • below. And if you liked this video, make sure to

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  • And if you know one person who could use the tip that I offered in this video, send them

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  • Strategies Guide: 10 Keys to Success for Small Business Owners."

  • You can get it for free at I share tips and tricks in it that I don't

  • share anywhere else. Thank you so much for watching.

  • I'll see you next week.

Are you a negative Nelly or Nick? You'll be much more successful if you seek


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ポジティブシンキングで障害を克服する方法 (How To Overcome Obstacles With Positive Thinking)

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