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  • high up in the mountains lives a bird that is the smartest on the planet.

  • On this episode, we take a look at the whisky Jack.

  • Call the Canada Jay Gray J.

  • Or Whiskey Jack.

  • This bird is found in Boreal Force of North America, most predominantly in Canada, but also in the Rocky Mountains, all the way down to New Mexico.

  • Color different shades of gray.

  • The gray J lives year round to the cold Canadian winters by stashing food throughout their territory, known as the smartest bird out there that able to adapt to their environment.

  • Much like us humans, they've learned the body postures and pose of humans that are non threatening and offering food instead simply by placing pumpkin or sunflower seeds on your hand and extending it like this will signal to the Whiskey Jack that food is there for them.

  • They still may be cautious, but will eventually swooped down, land on your hand and begin feeding.

  • They're trusted.

  • Humans has resulted in new names such as lumberjack, camp robber and venison hawk.

  • This species is thriving in the wild and has adapted well to living among humans and is rated least concerned.

  • Species within the eye you see and read list.

  • That said, the southern populations may decline as the globe warms up being associated with mythological figures from the First Nations cultures.

  • This bird was first described in 17 60.

  • They live almost exclusively within the Canadian border, don't migrate and were chosen by the National Geographic Society of Canada as Canada's national bird.

  • Despite getting beat, note and vote by the loon and snowy owl, the panel chose it because it stays within the Canadian borders, is tough, being able to endure harsh Canadian winters and is the smartest bird on the planet.

  • Having a wingspan of 18 inches or 46 centimeters, The gray jay has thick plumage, which provide necessary insulation in the winter.

  • They live up to eight years old, but the oldest found was 17.

  • They are monogamous.

  • Mating pairs, which both contribute in building their nest eggs, are laid during the warm season, but they may also lay their eggs during the winter.

  • Both parents help with feeding the newborn nesting just primarily in the form of arthropods.

  • After 55 days, the juvenile gray jays reach adulthood, which point they will battle to become the most dominant juvenile juvenile will remain with the parents until the following season, where the other great days will go off and pear with other unrelated J's, often ones that have failed to breathe.

  • These are neighbors birds Eat is mentioned earlier arthropods as well as amphibian like Western Course frog Long told salamander and engorged winter ticks off the back of a moose fun guy, choke cherry and see their their primary sources of plant foods.

  • This scatter hoarder will catch thousands of food items around their environment during the abundant summer months to eat.

  • During the winter, they chew their food and form it into a Boulis, a sticky ball of dinner and saliva.

  • This live is very sticky, and and here's to the service is they stash it like in bar crevices under tux of like in and among Conifer needles.

  • The stash items will be recalled by memory when they're needed in the winter.

  • When stashing food, the most vulnerable items will replace for this from their territory to protect the rest of the stash.

  • Northern Hawk owls, Mexican spotted owls, great gray hours and the American Martin all pray on this bird.

  • Whisky Jacks will whistle, screech or make other noises to alert other whiskey jacks of predators nearby, you encounter a whisky jacked and tend to feed them.

  • Keep in mind, they're sharp.

  • Talents are razor sharp and loud noises there.

  • Any sort of commotion when feeding them can cause a nasty cut on the thing.

  • Would you like to feed a whiskey Jack In nature, share thoughts hopefully enjoy this episode and until the next one, have a good one.

high up in the mountains lives a bird that is the smartest on the planet.


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世界一賢い鳥|ウィスキー・ジャックス (The World's Smartest Bird | Whisky Jacks)

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