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in the light off increasing carnivorous cases globally, the Indian government has stepped up its efforts to reveal the situation.
The Cabinet secretary chaired a high level meeting on covert 19 secretaries off health and family welfare.
Aviation defends information and Broadcasting Home Affairs Bureau of Immigration also attended the meeting that the meeting was aimed to review the status on preparedness, off states and union territories.
Regarding management off normal coronavirus, the Indian government has advised people to avoid non essential travel to Singapore.
Universal screening at airports is now being planned for flights from Kathmandu, Indonesia, Vietnam, on Malaysia.
So far, more than 21,000 passengers coming to India have bean brought under community surveillance.
More than three lack flight passengers have been screened.
More than 9000 travelers at seaports have also been screened.
Now remember that three crew nobody's cases have been reported in India, but all patients have recovered.
Now India is so far free off the colonel bodies.
However, Indian government's travel advisory to Singapore will have a massive impact on both ease travel for Indians.
Singapore is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for Indians.
Singapore's junkie airport is one of the most interconnected hubs in the world.
Our flight takes often arrives every 80 seconds in Singapore, which means thousands of flights from India Transit in Singapore.
Singapore is also one of the top destinations for business meetings on international travelers, making it more at risk off spreading the virus.
However, the Indian government advisory for Singapore travel is understandable.
So far, Singapore has confirmed at least 86 cases off the corner bodies.
In the past few days, Singapore has taken a number of steps to control the spread of the virus.
It has put a highly sophisticated contact raising mechanism, place toe single out all those who have a possibility off being infected.
It also shut its borders with China and enforced 14 day leave of absence for Chinese nationals returning from the mainland.
Authorities have disputed masks to more than a 1,000,000 households.
Ah government run social media crew provides daily carnivorous updates to subscribers, but despite these measures, the country has not been able to fully contain the spread off this virus.
Critics complain that Singapore did not close its borders with China soon enough.
The outbreak has affected the country's tourism industry, the Singapore tours and board reported 19.1 million tourists in Turn 19.
The number is expected to drop about 25 to 30% this year.


Coronavirus Outbreak: Indian govt issues fresh travel advisory | WION News | World News

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