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  • you're feel like God.

  • But I hit the deck like the cartel my whole squad's in here, walking around the party, a cross between a zombie apocalypse bringing in which is the same reason with maniacs.

  • A decent jump considering they sleep a hot rocks came a life in the sand like a play date Minute.

  • Vacate.

  • Vacate Mayday!

  • This'll be is Craig Ray J J J J J met all the way to the Bank of Spring claims they cannot tame a play cake.

  • You get way normal during the day, but and I don't know when the world look like feeling that way.

  • Balls just appalled it so many times that Mr Monk, it's impossible last month, in the midst of all this time in a mental hospital with a crystal ball kind of see what every like this tomorrow.

  • But don't put his back against the wall Pencil drawn.

  • This is just a song to go ballistic on.

  • You just pulled a pistol on the guy with the missile launch system.

  • It's a lot to tell a bitch.

  • You off like 1/5 of vodka.

  • When you twist the top of the bottle, you get way normal during the day, but an I d o when the moon shines like ice road.

  • Trucker, I loathe you Never gave a region him because I'm about the same trip vacation plans one point, like my next you'll ever get from fucking finger finger Prostate exam.

  • Have all these fans to perspire liars handsome on fire.

  • And I got no plans to retire.

  • And I'm still the man you would My chicks assassin.

  • I only get more handsome and fly.

  • I got him passing out Like what you do when you hand someone flyers.

  • What goes around comes around just like the blades on the chains off.

  • The fact that my dog was stuck right off the bed like a baseball like kidding it's like that with so much ease that they did because I make bands and not call getting cheese a cake walk.

  • I'm a player.

  • Come on, motherfucker.

  • Stingy for share won't even let you in here and even pretending to care.

  • But tell the pitch of Mary of should bury your face in my genital area.

  • The original Richard Ramirez Christopher back Smothers never sit well so they want to give me the chip like a pair of police chicken.

  • It's Carrie calling.

  • Harry Carey is very Tom and Dick and Harry Carrey and Marry a motherfucking dictionary Autumn swearing up and down that could fit This shit's hilarious.

  • It's time to put these bitches in the obituary column.

  • We wouldn't see it staring problem with staring Paki.

  • But it's lacking people.

  • Half of the bad needs people.

  • That means take a back seat to get back to Fed meets with a Mexico single book of my rap Secret attacks these people.

  • That's not gangster bitch Like a pension with a catchy jingle last night Keeps you better gonna have Oh, what the fuck, Mike m that you I mean, Please, I'm sorry.

  • Please forgive me.

  • Filled with venom and eliminate.

  • In other words, a minute meeting matter when I come by the sentiment of veneration murder to get the money will identify the bodies in the lake of generating everything is innovative.

  • And I get a minute make anybody want with everybody wanted.

  • But they're gonna get it anyway to get into it like a man of the elements of kill or be killed.

  • The killer bee, the vanilla gorilla you bring in the killer with me, Adam.

  • You wanna be the enemy of the demon within me and receiving enemy once defeated again to be every bit of my spit it when I'm in the vicinity.

  • Motherfucker, you better duck.

  • He's gonna be dead the minute you run into me.

  • 100%.

  • He was a 50% of me.

  • Do you want a battle?

  • I'm available in an inflatable woman.

  • Debatable them Unavoidable women available among the tollbooth.

  • Beautiful man stuff.

  • Look what I'm planning.

  • I hope everybody having a good day.

  • Uh, I hope everybody accomplished something significant, didn't even even if you didn't accomplish anything significant, don't be discouraged.

  • Just aimed to accomplish something significant tomorrow and the next day.

you're feel like God.


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